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The Red Sox are likely glad to be getting away from the West coast, as they finished the six game trip with a record of 2-4. David Wells returned from the disabled list and was rocked in a 13-6 A’s win. What the team as a whole would really like is to stay in one place (home) for a while, but that isn’t happening. Jeff Horrigan has a few players talking about the weird schedule that the Red Sox have had to endure the first couple months of the season. Chris Snow has Wells’ reactions after pitching one inning and giving up seven runs. He also mentions a reporter bringing up the subject of whether Wells rushed back to get another start to reach incentives in his contract. Sean McAdam writes that the early hole that Wells put his teammates into was too much to overcome. Tom Yantz says that any great expectations for Wells based on his quick recovery were quickly dissipated as the lefty struggled right off the top. This game was a gift for some sports radio shows, who will now have their topic – did the Red Sox rush Wells back? Or did he come back to try to reach an incentive? They can have a field day labeling Wells “selfish” and calling Francona an enabler…

Alex Speier has a very good article on Wade Miller and if healthy and 100% just what he can bring to the Red Sox rotation. Gordon Edes wraps up the six game road trip, and also mentions the weird schedule which has the team home for three games this weekend against the Braves and then off on the road again next week to Toronto and New York. Tony Massarotti writes that the Red Sox did themselves no favors by bringing back Wells so quickly and wonders about a few other decisions the team has made lately as well. He also looks at Johnny Damon’s slump now reaching 0-12. Mike Fine says that these Red Sox will begin to pound the ball again at some point. Jeff Horrigan has a brief bit on Cla Meredith, who despite not having much success and being sent back down to the minors, will end up benefiting from this experience. McAdam’s notebook says that Meredith’s pride is intact as he goes to the minors. Snow’s notebook also looks at Meredith. Horrigan’s notebook has a recap of the brief West coast swing, while Yantz’s notebook looks at the slumping Johnny Damon.

Michael Felger looks at the fates and possible destinations of several members of last year’s Patriots team, including Ty Law, Troy Brown, Roman Phifer and Keith Traylor. Mike Reiss talks to former practice squad running back Kory Chapman, now having a big season in NFL Europe about his chances of competing for a spot on the 53 man roster this fall. He also has a statement from Bill Belichick on the retirement of Otis Smith.

Jackie MacMullan says to prepare yourself for an NBA lockout this summer. She does feel however, that the sides will get something done before the season is scheduled to start. Lenny Megliola talks to Celtics owners Wyc Grousbeck and Steve Pagliuca about the disappointing end to the season and their confidence about things going forward. Steve Bulpett reports that the team is finding it difficult to get prospects to work out for them, because their first pick is at # 18, and all the players seem to think they’re going to be drafted in the top 10.

Kevin Henkin attempts to sort through the madness of the local sports scene. Buddy Thomas states that it’s only a matter of time before several things happen, such as Edgar Renteria getting booed, the Celtics being dismantled, and Peyton Manning admitting that he can’t beat the Patriots and deciding to just hang it up. Oh wait, Buddy didn’t write that last one. Christopher Young looks at men behaving badly. He also had a piece on what NL players might be headed to the hall of fame. James Murphy looks at what Bruins management has been doing during the work stoppage. Bob Hohler has the latest on the congressional investigation into Steroid use in Professional sports.

Jim McCabe has the touching story of golfer Kim Julian, who lost her husband, also a golfer, to ALS, and is doing what she can to promote awareness and to seek a cure to the disease.

It was interesting to hear Gerry Callahan yesterday speak wistfully of former colleague Bob Neumeier and how