I have to be honest that when I first talked to Bruce about doing this on weekends, I never thought I would be leading off with the Celtics. It’s good to see that people are paying attention to them again. They have become exciting to watch. Gary Payton was back in the lineup last night as they trounced Charlotte.

Shira Springer, Steve Bulpett, and Carolyn Thornton have the game stories.

Dan Shaughnessy submits a column about the buzz around the team. Gus Martins has Gary Payton relishing his role as a mentor to some of the younger Celtics. Martins also has Antoine Walker excited about the team.

Springer, Bulpett, and Thornton all submit notebooks with various news tidbits.

Red Sox

The local writers tackle a variety of Red Sox related topics. Jeff Horrigan wonders whether Manny Ramirez or David Ortiz will bat third. Chris Snow writes that Bronson Arroyo could be the odd man out once all six starters are healthy. Tony Massarotti also writes about the crowded rotation, and Steve Krasner submits a piece on David Wells.

Horrigan has Curt Schilling considering an invitation to testify in Washington about steroids in baseball. Horrigan, Snow, and Krasner have notebooks with a variety of topics including the team’s performance against Boston College and Northeastern last night.


Tom Curran, Michael Felger, and Nick Cafardo all have Duane Starks chatting with the media on joining the Patriots. Cafardo has the interesting tidbit that Will McDonough’s son Terry, a former scout with the Ravens played a role in the team drafting Starks. It is also always worth linking to Mike Reiss’ blog. On the national scene, Paul Zimmerman, has a great piece on SI.com on what led to the downfall of each of the previous “dynasties” in the NFL. He doesn’t seem too worried about the Pats.

In future weeks, I will try to make this longer. I had some major computer issues this morning, and I wanted to get this posted. Feedback or suggestions on anything can be sent to me at tmomo89888@aol.com.