“It’s a blog, for God’s sake. Lighten up.”

The issue remains. So does the post about Nomar refusing his ring on BostonDirtDogs. So does the belief in many circles that the story is true. On the ESPN telecast this afternoon of the Dodgers and Braves, the issue of Nomar came up, quite unexpectedly. Derek Lowe, now of the Dodgers was asked when he might be getting his ring from the Red Sox. He replied that he hoped to get it in the first week of the season sometime. The telecast was thrown back to the announcing booth where one of them said :

"Lowe was telling me before the game that he thinks someone from the Boston front office will be flying down with the ring to see him and whoever else. Nomar Garciaparra remains an issue however. He gets a ring, but he has publicly said he may not want it which leaves me aghast, but that's what he said"

The other announcer then said that Nomar would probably have second thoughts about that. So who was the only one (his words) to have the “story” that Nomar didn’t want his ring? BostonDirtDogs. The “blog” attached to Boston.com. It appears that some people go to that site for news, and they believe what is put on the page. People from other media outlets go there for information. Bob Lobel does. Peter Gammons is on record as saying he visits BostonDirtDogs everyday. The information gets out there. They’re taking it seriously.

Someone who isn’t taking it seriously is Steve Silva and Boston.com. Silva made an appearance on the John DePetro show on WRKO this morning and proclaimed that “we put on news but don’t take ourselves too seriously’ and that it’s one stop shopping for Red Sox news. Said that they poke fun at themselves and others. He was asked about the steroid issue and Nomar was the topic. He stated that Nomar was an outspoken critic of steroid testing last year, (which he was) but now that he’s gone the rest of the Red Sox are in favor of it. He acted like a member of the media on the show, and was treated as such. “Steve you’ve been down there with the team and the fans, tell us what the mood is like.”

So what is it? Blog…Conventional media?

Boston.com needs to define what BostonDirtDogs is. They need to establish what the standards for the site are. The public needs to know when they go to visit the site if they are getting a “Friars Club Roast” or a legit news source. Should a “Friars Club Roast” spokesman be a featured guest making serious journalistic comments on steroid use by players on a radio station? His appearance was hyped all morning long. It’s tough to say.

This thing is likely to get uglier before it gets better. I’ve been alerted that a smear campaign is already in the works, and I only mention it because if you hear it said that I’ve been kicking puppies on a regular basis…consider that the source is a “Dog”. DirtDog, that is.