An MLK Day edition of BSMW. I took the opportunity to get some sleep this morning. A bit of a changeup today, as I’m sure most of you have read the stories by now. If not, click on the “Newspaper Sports Sections” link to the left and you can browse all the local papers and read their take on things.

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Interns running the asylum?

Last night I mentioned the incident where Borges was shown picking the Patriots in the Globe on Friday and the Colts Sunday and saying on the air that he didn’t make the pick that was in his name on Friday. In regards to those NFL picks made by the Globe writers, a former Globe employee emailed me to tell me how the process actually works.

Anyway, the picks are due by Thursday morning, they put together those football pages first thing that night because there's no deadline stories. If the picks are not in, a copy editor will make them. For years, Will McDonough's picks were made by a copy editor. I don't want to say his name because he's a good guy, but it always bothered me because people base their bets on these picks and McDonough was so well-respected football-wise. Borges and Cafardo sent them in sometimes, but forget many others, especially Borges. Sometimes, Joe Sullivan would make Borges' picks, sometimes a copy editor would and a few times, even a co-op or intern would. It's sad really because people take their picks seriously. Borges once said in the office that he barely looks at anything when he does make the picks.

So Borges wasn't lying when he said he didn't pick the Pats. I agree with you, though, that it's unethical that the Globe allows that. Especially the same paper that started World War 3 over the Boston City League reporting incorrect scores five or six years ago to keep from embarrassing losing teams. (example, Dorchester loses to English, 99-24 in hoops and they report the score, 66-40, or something.)

Kind of two-sided.

That’s pretty interesting, no? Yes, it’s a minor thing, the picking of sporting events…but where else are they doing things like this? Do they do it in the news section? Movie reviews? Is this just the tip of the iceberg?

Pathetic Prognosticators, take II

It seems that some have taken the comments that I made last night and tried to spin them that I’m mad at anyone who would dare pick against my beloved Patriots…thus trying to make me into just another Yahoo fan…

Let me state this clearly. I have no problems with people who pick against the home team. In fact, I think this Sunday’s game will present many problems for the Patriots and expect many Steelers predictions. My problem is with the so-called experts who get paid big bucks to make picks and who instead of giving any kind of thoughtful, reasoned out analysis, instead try to be outrageous, bring attention to themselves, go with the crowd, or bring mindless statements to the table. (“Peyton Manning is unstoppable.” or “This is Peyton’s year.”) These are the people that are worthy of contempt. Especially during the playoffs when there are no longer 32 teams to cover, but instead 12, 8, 4, or 2. They can spend more time on each time and come up with better analysis. But they don’t.

FOX lowers the bar again

Reader Steve from Maine has the following to say about Joe Buck and the FOX network’s treatment of Randy Moss:

Let me start out by saying that from what I