No truth to the rumor that Ron Borges was led from Gillette Stadium in a straightjacket following the Patriots 20-3 domination of the greatest offense of all time. Borges, who was last heard on the WBCN pregame show cackling about knowing all week that Richard Seymour wouldn’t play and picking the Colts, was no doubt in a foul mood during and following the game. What the Boston sports fan needs is a “Borges-cam” to follow him around during the game and see the slow burn of insanity as he is proven a dolt once again. That would be must-see-TV. I half expected to see Borges streak across the field in the middle of the game trying to break up a Tom Brady pass while screaming “NOOOOOOOO!”

Seriously though, what this should’ve proven once and for all is that 90% of the so-called football “experts” out there have absolutely no clue about the game. I’m not really talking that much locally here as I am on a national level. All the focus was misplaced, the “experts” talked about the Patriots not having Ty Law, not having Tyrone Poole and possibly not having Richard Seymour. They insisted there was no way that that the Patriots defense could hold the Colts. It seemed that all other aspects of the game were ignored. Toughness was ignored. Coaching was largely ignored. They were blinded by the gaudiness of the statistics of the Colts. “Expert” after “Expert” on ESPN and the other networks picked the Colts. Surprisingly, the FOX pregame show was the one that seemed to favor the Patriots the most. There were a few exceptions otherwise, Boomer Esiason picked the Patriots on CBS, and was mocked by Shannon Sharpe, but got his revenge on the postgame.

The CBS postgame contained a couple moments of tension between the hosts. has some of the details, but there was also a moment where Boomer said that it is clear that “Peyton Manning is the Dan Marino of this generation” and will never win a Super Bowl while Tom Brady is the Joe Montana. Marino’s face was flush as he retorted “I made it to a Super Bowl”.

NFL Network had the best of the post game shows, even better than Patriots Fifth Quarter on UPN38. A highlight of the latter show was Tedy Bruschi knocking over Steve Burton with a playful shoulder during an interview. On NFL network, Terrell Davis explained why Willie McGinest causes such problems for the Colts. He’s a “tweener” who sometimes lines up down and then shifts, which causes the running back or offensive lineman to shift their focus and assignment. The opponent mentally files that McGinest is lined up one way and that they need to play it that way, then after the shift, their assignment is different, but they have already put it in their head about what they need to do.

Postgame stuff aside, it needs to be restated how dreadful the prognosticators and pregame analysis by the majority of the talking heads out there is. Football fans deserve better. These “experts” are highly paid to do their jobs, and yet it seems that they cannot get past the most basic of mental traps. They’re seduced by the season of an Indianapolis Colts team, and blinded to the fact that despite the numbers and even the record, that is a seriously flawed and soft football team. They see injuries to a Patriots secondary and write the team off, despite the fact that the team has played with the injuries for two months. They say it is Peyton Manning’s “time” to win and beat the Patriots, as if it were something that can be attained just by showing up. I am disgusted by the sheer ignorance of so many of the people that we rely on to enlighten us about these games.

I’m not saying these people are ignorant merely because they picked the Colts. The Colts were capable of winning this game. I’m annoyed at the reasons these “experts” gave for why the Colts were going to ride roughshod over the Patriots. Many people are going to pick the Steelers this week, and that’s fine. Give us some real reasons about why the Steelers are the superior team and why they will cause the Patriots problems or vice versa.

One last Borges item. Friday in the Globe he picks the Patriots. Today in the Globe he picks the Colts. On Friday on WWZN he claimed that the pick under his name in the paper that day was not his, that he was in fact picking the Colts. He claimed that the paper made the pick for him. He’s made this claim before, and I think perhaps another writer has as well. This is disturbing on a number of levels. Is the Globe making up the picks of their writers? If this is true, what else are they making up? Second, if that isn’t true, how can a writer be allowed to play both sides in this fashion? Who’s in charge over there?

It’s ridiculous.

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