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Another frustrating loss for the Red Sox, as they continue to flop around in mediocrity. Nick Cafardo has a look at yesterday’s 5-4 loss to the White Sox, which dropped the Sox back into a Wild Card tie with Texas and Anaheim. Jeff Horrigan looks at a loss straight out of the Looney Tunes at Fenway. Steven Krasner says that once again the Sox failed to capitalize on opportunities. David Heuschkel looks at the Sox ninth inning rally being cut short by Chicago’s “funky” closer. David Borges says it was all part of a familiar script for the Sox yesterday. Lenny Megliola has a slogan for this team: Drive you crazy. Seems to fit. Sean McAdam says that this years Red Sox squad just doesn’t have that late inning magic. Jon Couture says that the Sox aren’t getting the breaks this year.

Gordon Edes takes a look at Orlando Cabrera, who had three hits yesterday, but couldn’t come through in the ninth, making the final out of the game with the tying run on third. Mike Shalin also has a look at the Red Sox shortstop. Alex Speier has a look at how Theo Epstein, like his team, has yet to reach his ceiling of potential. Joe Haggerty has a look at Dave Roberts, who is still waiting for his shot with the Sox. Paul Harber looks at Bronson Arroyo getting yet another tough loss this season. Steve Buckley (subscription only) tells us though that we shouldn’t feel too badly for Arroyo, who he says made a few mental mistakes that if avoided, could’ve gotten him a win. Michael Gee (also subscription) wonders how much longer we’re going to continue to get worked up over this team before we accept it as its flawed self. Shalin also takes a look at Mark Buehrle, who got the win for Chicago. Gordon Edes has a lengthy look at the Jerry Remy brand. Gretchen Voss had a piece in the Boston Globe Magazine yesterday about Lucinda K. Treat, the chief legal officer for the Red Sox. Borges’ notebook looks at Rhode Island native son Paul Konerko. All the rest of the notebooks lead with Kevin Youkilis being injured in a collision at home plate. Cafardo’s notebook also has some bullpen news. Horrigan’s notebook says Mark Bellhorn should begin swinging a bat today. Krasner’s notebook mentions the continued slump by third base coach Dale Sveum. Heuschkel’s notebook says Scott Williamson could be facing another Tommy John surgery.

The Patriots and rookie holdout tight end have finally agreed on a contract. Mike Reiss has the news. Matt Light is otherwise the story of the day in the papers today. Michael Felger looks at Light getting in this first practice of the season yesterday. Michael Smith looks at Light keeping his sense of humor firmly intact. (As first mentioned here on August 6th, all indications are that Smith is leaving the Globe to work for ESPN full time. Get ready for a full season of Nick “big cat” Cafardo and Ron “time will tell” Borges covering your defending Super Bowl Champions) Tom Curran says that Light is glad to be back at practice and throwing around wisecracks. Michael Parente says that the Patriots are going to be doing some work on scoring in the Red Zone, a weakness of last year. Christopher Price has a look at four Patriots with a lot on the line for the next preseason game. If you missed Hector Longo’s debacle from Saturday, it’s worth a read. It reads like a Ron Borges parody. Maybe that’s what it is. Del Jones begins a four part look at the AFC East with a look at the NY Jets. Parente’s notebook has more on Light. Felger’s notebook takes a look at Corey Dillon’s return to Cincinnati this coming Saturday. Smith’s notebook says that it will not be a nostalgic homecoming for Dillon.

Mark Murphy looks at a weekend report that had Gary Payton saying that he would not report or play for the Celtics. Payton’s agent seems to downplay the report. Tim Weisberg says that Danny Ainge outright swindled the Lakers with this revamped trade, and should be hailed for it. On Friday, Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck was on WWZN, and also mentioned an “imminent” free agent signing by the team. That could happen today, but likely it won’t be someone to get all fired up about.

Michael O’Connor looks at the Bruins and Joe Thornton awaiting an arbitrator’s decision.

Jeff Goodman in USA Today has a very interesting article on BC defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka.

Dave Scott has some Sunday Night Sports Shows snippets, some commentary on what the heck is happening over at the Boston Globe, and some Olympic items. If you missed it yesterday, Bill Griffith had the following on the Eddie Andelman situation:

WWZN's Eddie Andelman was off the air Friday while Sporting News Radio management reviewed tapes of his Wednesday midday show. Andelman has been prone to going off on rants, most often against Red Sox ownership. But Wednesday, he took off on Kobe Bryant's accuser, questioning her motives in filing a civil suit and then dismissing listeners who called in to protest the insensitivity of his remarks. He was out of town Thursday on a scheduled excursion to Washington with "Hot Dog Safari" winning bidders who won a Chinese food luncheon with Red Auerbach. But he didn't make his scheduled return Friday. "All I can say is that the situation is under review at the corporate level," said WWZN general manager Mike Winn...

The opening segment of Eddie’s show today should be interesting, to say the least, regardless of if Eddie is there or not. A couple people have written in to say that Eddie was set up, and that he should be the one getting the apology in this situation. I can’t say I agree with that, but that view is out there and held by some.

NESN will have Red Sox/Blue Jays at 7:00. ESPN will have Seahawks/Packers preseason football at 8:00. ESPN2 will have Reds/Cardinals at 8:00. CN8’s Sports Pulse will have Del Jones in to talk football and Shira Springer to talk hoops at 10:00.