There has been interest expressed in making a group donation from BSMW to the WEEI Jimmy Fund Radiothon presented by NESN being held Friday, August 27, 2004.

After checking with the Jimmy Fund, it was too late in the game to set up a dedicated page for BSMW readers to donate from. They did say that they would welcome a group donation from the readers here and were very enthusiastic and positive about the site (“Everyone goes there!”) was a comment made by someone in their office.

The most simple way I can think of to do this is to have you mail your donation checks to me, and then I will forward them as a group to The Jimmy Fund. I will keep a record of all donations. Then during the Radiothon, I will make the pledge in the amount received. To make it easiest, I would ask that you send in your donations this week. Preferably mailed no later than Monday, August 23rd. That way I can have them all in hand when I say what the amount is, and I can forward them all to The Jimmy Fund that Friday.

Please make checks payable to The Jimmy Fund.

Mail them to:

Boston Sports Media Watch
PO Box 183
Epping, NH 03042