Eddie Andelman led off his show on WWZN today with an apology to anyone who may have been offended by his comments last week. He said it was an emotional topic that probably shouldn’t have been brought on-air. He said he feels he’s earned some trust with 35 years on radio, and hopes to continue earning that trust for a long time to come. He was clearly hurriedly reading a statement and when finished with it moved onto talking about his family’s experience at Fenway yesterday. Eddie may not have meant to offend anyone, but he did so, and his apology is actually more than was expected from this space. It shows that someone does care what is said on the airwaves of 1510.

More stories on yesterday’s Red Sox loss. Win Bates says it was once again close but no cigar for the Red Sox. Chaz Scoggins uses the same expression in describing the loss. Mike Fine says that the Red Sox have not really turned the corner as we all thought they might’ve. Garry Brown says the one run losses continue to mount for the Red Sox. Gary Fitz has a Red Sox notebook looking at the play that resulted in injury for Kevin Youkilis. Fine’s notebook looks at Bronson Arroyo. Brown’s notebook has Orlando Cabrera enjoying his stay at Fenway, and hoping to increase his production.

Glen Farley looks at Daniel Graham, trying to grab hold of his opportunity in camp.

Word is that the Celtics have signed Tom Gugliotta.