Pedro pitches a complete game, six hit shutout with 10 strikeouts. The Red Sox bats are coming alive. The defense is solid. The team has won seven out of its last 10. Three in a row. Yet all the knucklehead hosts want to fan the flames on air about is Dale Sveum getting runners thrown out at the plate. Pete Sheppard and Steve Buckley were doing it yesterday after the game. (even speculating on who might replace Sveum if he was fired) I heard some Ted Nation doing it, and Mustard and Johnson filling in for Dennis and Callahan were doing it this morning. It’s not good to have to turn off your radio despite all the positives listed above.

Thankfully most of the print media isn’t going the WEEI route. Bob Hohler has a look at Pedro’s masterpiece yesterday, noting the early season struggles are well behind the Sox ace. Jeff Horrigan says Pedro’s effort was “reminiscent of his younger, dominant days.” Steve Krasner says Pedro is healthy, and it shows. David Heuschkel looks at a throwback performance for Martinez. Garry Brown and David Borges wrap up the game stories. Lenny Megliola looks at Pedro bringing it in the comfort of a hot and steamy afternoon at Fenway. Steve Britt says yesterday was a reminder of how good Pedro is. He passed two Hall of Famers on the all time strikeout list and tied Sandy Koufax for fourth place all time with his 97th double digit strikeout game. Howard Bryant (subscription only) also has a look at Pedro. He notes that this is something of a season of redemption for Martinez, despite posting a 2.22 ERA last year. He says Pedro has answered all questions about his health and performance this season. He notes:

Instead, Martinez has been gaining momentum this season, a locomotive once churning uphill now charging hard on flat ground. He is breezy, direct and focused. He has not mentioned his contract or the ramifications of signing or not signing at the end of the season. He hasn't compared himself with Curt Schilling, his more visible new teammate.

Dan Shaughnessy says to carve out time in late October, because the Red Sox are going to the playoffs. Color me uncomfortable with the idea of Dan leaping on board the Sox bandwagon. Sean McAdam says Sox fans just have to hope that this latest streak is for real. Mike Shalin and Marc Carig look at the rough day for Dale Sveum. From yesterday, John Tomase had a look at the red hot Kevin Millar. Scott MacKay looks at Rhode Island day at Fenway. Carig also takes a look at Bill Mueller, who has been heating up as of late as well. Hohler’s notebook has Johnny Damon asking the official scorer to charge him with an error. Horrigan’s notebook says the Mets are suspicious about the legitimacy of an injury to Rule 5 draftee Lenny DiNardo. Krasner’s notebook looks at the Sox getting burned once again by the arm of Rocco Baldelli. Heuschkel’s notebook and Brown’s notebook also look at the same topic. Borges’ notebook looks at the Sox getting another crack at Jose Contreras.

Are you ready for some football? A few series, anyway? The Patriots kick off their preseason slate tonight at Gillette with a matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles. Michael Parente says this could be a possible Super Bowl preview. Mike Reiss gives us 10 things to look for and watch during tonight’s game. Michael Smith says that Rohan Davey and Vince Wilfork will be two Patriots under the microscope in tonight’s game. Michael Felger (What’s with all the Patriots writers named Mike?) says that Pats might want to hope that Terrell Owens crosses paths with Rodney Harrison at some point tonight. Tom Curran says that tonight’s game is merely the ribbon-cutting for the 2004 season, but that there are things that Pats fans can be looking for tonight. Alan Greenberg says we’ll be seeing plenty of Rohan Davey tonight. Ian M Clark says tonight is little more than an evaluation. A quiz, if you will, to see how much the Patriots have learned and picked up during camp. Dan Pires looks at all the chances made by Corey Dillon this offseason. It almost all seems too good to be true. Christopher Price says that one of the most important things for the Patriots this season is defending their home turf and making sure they get homefield advantage. Chris Kennedy looks at the Patriots 2004 journey beginning tonight. Hector Longo looks at the recovery of Rosevelt Colvin. Jeremy Gottlieb has a look at David Patten. Felger’s notebook looks at Rohan Davey in the spotlight. He also reports that Rosevelt Colvin is expected to make an appearance on the field tonight.

Bill Griffith previews the Olympic television coverage. Bob Ryan wonders what the Olympic Moment of these games will be. Ron Chimelis isn’t happy with Springfield getting dissed by The Sporting News. David Scott looks at the rekindling of love for Pedro, an annoyance on CBSSportsline and other internet sites and other items in a Friday edition of Scott’s Shots.

UPN38 has Red Sox/White Sox at 7:00. WCVB channel 5 has Patriots/Eagles at 8:00.