Dan Kennedy takes Gordon Edes to task for taking some Curt Schilling quotes off of the radio out of context and not giving an accurate picture of what was really being said. Alan Greenwood looks at Kevin Millar leading the hit parade in last night’s win. Chaz Scoggins also has a look at Millar heating up. Bob Stern says the Sox hope to bust out into a legit winning streak. Mike Fine asserts that the Sox are merely treading water until Manny breaks out of his slump. Alex Beam has some therapy for Sox fans. Greenwood’s notebook has Terry Francona trying to get a (somewhat) set lineup. Fine’s notebook looks at Derek Lowe’s irritating blister.

David Pevear has a look at Patriots DB Earthwind Moreland. Eric McHugh talks with Sean Morey about Terrell Owens. Ian Logue and Bob George each look at the Patriots as they prepare to face the Eagles in the first preseason game tomorrow night. An interesting note from yesterday, according to an article by Jason Cole in the Miami Herald, the Dolphins have decided to follow the Patriots example and give as little information as possible regarding injuries. If the Dolphins go through with this, it will be interesting to see what the media reaction in South Florida is.