Mike Reiss reports that Patriots holdout rookie Benjamin Watson has parted ways with agent Tom Condon, which could clear the way for Watson to sign with the club and get into camp sooner.

Michael Felger on FSN last night had said the Condon was someone the Patriots have had problems negotiating with, and because of that they don’t draft his clients, and it’s no accident that they have none of his clients on the roster. He also said that Watson’s original agent, Darrell Wills, attempted to leave IMG (the agency) and take his clients with him…the NFLPA blocked Wills from doing that, decertifying him. Condon then took over Wills’ clients. That is how Condon came to represent Watson in the first place.

Eric McHugh says there will be plenty to watch in tonight’s Patriots/Eagles preseason tilt. Glen Farley says that these games are important to some players. David Pevear looks at some of the players to which tonight has a great deal of meaning. Dave D’Onofrio has a look at Rosevelt Colvin.

Mike Fine has a look at the strong outing for Pedro Martinez yesterday. Alan Greenwood says that those who questioned Pedro at the beginning of the season have had their concerns put to rest. Carmine Frongillo also has a look at Pedro’s performance. Bob Stern says Pedro was toying with the Devil Rays yesterday. Fine’s notebook looks at Damon asking the official scorer to give him an error.

Jim Baker previews the Olympic coverage.