Gordon Edes says Kevin Millar might’ve been right to beef about not being in the lineup, based on his hot hitting as of late. Huh? Michael Silverman says the Sox are looking to begin a surge. Sean McAdam looks at a rare laugher for the Sox. David Heuschkel says that everyone got into this one. David Borges says the Sox once again scored a ton of runs for Derek Lowe. Ron Chimelis says the hard work Kevin Millar has put into his hitting is paying off. Shalise Manza-Young says Millar has been on a tear since complaining in Detroit. Steve Buckley (subscription only) says that since he is now hitting, life is good and all is forgiven for Millar. Mike Shalin and Mark Carig look at a continued blister problem for Lowe.

Bill Reynolds says that the Sox always have something going on to get fans all worked up. Buddy Thomas says should be fired and replaced with Tony LaRussa at the end of the season. John Tomase looks at 100 days of mediocrity for the Red Sox. Alex Speier looks at a fresh start for Manny, trying to break out of a slump. Adam Kilgore says Gabe Kapler is just happy to contribute to a winning team. Steve Buckley has a short piece on Trot Nixon, wishing he could be out there playing. Kilgore says that even though last night was a blowout, there was no blowup by Lou Piniella. Shalin looks at Piniella and Don Zimmer reflecting on the past and on the current Yankees. Carig has a look at 19 year old B.J. Upton, who has had problems getting into Fenway this week.

Edes’ notebook looks at Manny’s slump. That’s also the topic of Silverman’s notebook. The Projo notebook leads with Lowe’s blister. Heuschkel’s notebook has an update on the health of Ellis Burks, who still hopes to play this season. Chimelis notebook looks at Bill Mueller taking his move to second in stride. Borges’ notebook says that the Devil Rays are trying to get Rocco Baldelli signed to a new deal.

Tom Danyluk says that comparing Tom Brady to Joe Montana is unwarranted. Not that he isn’t a great player, but the styles are different. Mike Reiss looks at Rohan Davey, trying to prove that he deserves and can capably handle the number two Quarterback spot behind Tom Brady. Michael Smith looks at the importance of establishing timing and familiarity between the snapper, holder and kicker on special teams. Tom Curran says that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick seem perfect for each other and their pairing has really elevated the both of them. Chris Kennedy and Kevin Mannix look at Troy Brown getting a little work with the defense, and note that he may even play some on that side of the ball tomorrow night against the Eagles. Wide Receiver is a position of strength for the Patriots, so Brown may be trying to bring as much versatility to the team as he can. Ian M Clark has a look at just how deep the receiver position is for the club. Hector Longo has a look at Kliff Kingsbury. Eric McHugh has a profile on Christian Fauria. Mark Farinella looks at Fred McCrary. Alan Greenberg looks at the continued holdout for Ben Watson. Mannix’s notebook and Curran’s notebook both also look at Watson. Smith’s notebook looks at the extra conditioning work being done by the defense. Kennedy’s notebook has more on Kingsbury.

NESN has Red Sox/Devil Rays at 1:00. (ESPN Nationally) ESPN has Falcons/Ravens preseason NFL action at 8:00. CN8’s Sports Pulse will have Mike Petraglia to talk baseball and Mark Farinella to talk football at 10:00.