Hopefully two things can spell the end of the Red Sox struggles…June is over, and interleague play is done with. Those two elements seem to have proved to be stumbling blocks for the Sox the last few years. Tonight, we’re back to good ol’ American League baseball at Fenway. The opposition isn’t any easier for the month of July, but hopefully something will kickstart this team again. Lenny Megliola says it’s time to get serious, dead serious. Steven Krasner says it isn’t too late for the Sox to get their act together. Jeff Horrigan notes that the Sox can pretty much give up hopes of winning the division, but that the next couple weeks will hold huge impact on their wild card chances. Tom Yantz rehashes the last road trip, which certainly brought out the worst in the Red Sox. Bob Hohler says the Sox are looking to some home cooking to cure their ails. Tony Massarotti is down on the Sox and lists out what has sunk this team so far.

Bill Reynolds writes that this team lacks heart and resolve. I think accusations like that are easy to make and hard to disprove. The Sox lost back-to-back extra inning games on Thursday and Friday last week, in devastating fashion, both of them. Yet they battled on in those games, they never quit, that actually took the lead in extra innings each of those nights, only to lose both. How often does that happen? I don’t think a lack of heart or resolve factored into those losses. Sunday’s loss? Well….maybe that’s a different story. Del Jones thinks the Sox might be best off just going with a youth movement. Bob Halloran says that the 2004 Red Sox thus far far remind him of the 2003 Yankees. Horrigan’s notebook throws cold water on the rumors of Nomar to the Marlins. Hohler’s notebook says that the Sox will finally be able to field their full lineup tonight at Fenway.

In a Globe series today, Stan Grossfeld has a feature on Curt Schilling fitting the battle against smokeless tobacco. He also has several Red Sox players speaking on the subject. He takes a look at Gruen Von Behrens, who got cancer at the age of 17 from smokeless tobacco.

Tom Curran has a look at Richard Seymour and how his is coping with the tragedy in his family earlier this offseason.

Bob Ryan reacts to Mike Krzyzewski’s decision to stay put at Duke and jump to the NBA and the Lakers.

Boston Radio Watch tells us that Gary Tanguay will be replacing Bill Abbate on the WBCN Patriots broadcasts. They also report that WWZN has signed on to do Harvard football games this fall.

NESN has Red Sox/A’s at 7:00. CN8 SportsPulse will have Jimmy Myers on at 10:00. FSN will have Tony Massarotti and Jon Meterparel at 6:30 and Pete Sheppard at 10:00.