Here are some July 4th fireworks coming in the fashion of bonus links.

John Heyman has a powerful column on the coverup by the Red Sox of the Schilling-Varitek confrontation last week. It’s not pretty and there is some Tito Francona bashing there too. It makes you wonder whether Schilling switching battery mates for the first time this season was a coincidence. Mike Lupica informs us that if the Red Sox could have found a taker, Nomar Garciaparra would be long gone by now because management wants to dump him.

Larry Brooks lets us know that Joe Thornton has demanded a trade out of Boston due to a lack of trust of Bruins management.

There’s been a Vic Stellino sighting. Stellino, who writes for the Jacksonville Times Union, has one of the best NFL Sunday notebooks going. There’s some interesting stuff here on quarterback salaries with quotes from Tom Brady. There’s also some great stuff that backs up Jimmy Kimmel’s comments about Detroit including nine shootings during a victory celebration and about another LA writer dumping on the city. Stellino also has a shot fired at Eli Manning by Dennis Green.

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