A late afternoon update…

More Ty Law stuff from the afternoon papers. Eric McHugh says that like any good cornerback, Law sure can backpeddle. David Pevear says Law and Bill Belichick played nice yesterday at mini-camp. Glen Farley also has a look at Law changing his tune.

Mike Fine looks at the Red Sox welcoming Eric Gagne and the Dodgers into Fenway Park. Bob Stern looks at the Red Sox bats finally coming alive. Alan Greenwood looks at Nomar coming through in a pinch for the Sox. Chaz Scoggins looks at Pokey Reese having a big night on his birthday.

Jim Baker, who retired from the Herald at the end of last year, has re-emerged with the Nashua Telegraph, doing a couple of columns a week for them. Today he looks at the job Doc Rivers is doing on the ABC broadcasts.