A very busy day for links…

The Red Sox buried the Padres last night 9-3, thanks in large part to the restored 3-4-5 part of their lineup and the contributions of the birthday boy, Pokey Reese. Steven Krasner says it’s amazing what the addition of one powerful bat can do to a lineup. Jeff Horrigan looks at the middle of the lineup doing the damage we saw last year. Nick Cafardo also looks at the Sox restoring order in their lineup. Jeff Goldberg looks at Schilling and Nomar coming up big last night. David Borges looks at the bats coming alive for Pokey’s birthday bash. Tony Massarotti still doesn’t like that Curt Schilling chats with fans online, and he’s even madder that Schilling is revealing stuff like injury information in his SoSH sessions. He takes a few potshots at Schilling and the internet in his piece from today. Looks like Evil Tony is in the house. He also furthers the stereotype that Red Sox fans must always have something to obsess about and worry over, this time it being Schilling’s ankle. Is it the fans or the media that always has to have something to talk about, to stir emotions with and to obsess over? Paul Kenyon essentially does the same thing in his article today, also looking at Schilling’s ankle, also stating that this gives Boston fans their dream…something to worry about. John Connolly and Adam Kilgore also look at Schilling’s performance last night. Mike Shalin has a look at the big night for Pokey Reese last night, while Kilgore tells us that Pokey jerseys and shirts have become the third biggest seller on the team at Twins, behind only Nomar and Johnny Damon. Rich Thompson, Kevin McNamara and Marc Craig look at Trot Nixon’s night in Pawtucket.

The Dodgers are coming, the Dodgers are coming. Bob Ryan says it’s about time. There’s an old rivalry here that needs to be picked up. Ryan chronicles some of the early World Series battles between the two franchises. Gordon Edes looks at super-closer Eric Gagne. Cafardo’s notebook says that Terry Francona will find time to play everyone. Horrigan’s notebook has more on how Francona will rotate players at SS, 2nd and 3rd. Krasner’s notebook looks at some anxious moments for Nomar last night. Goldberg’s notebook looks at Mark Bellhorn sitting last night. Borges’ notebook looks at Andy Dominique.

Ty Law wants to retire a Patriot. A bit of a reversal from his earlier statements that he never wanted to wear the jersey again. Anyhow…Law’s arrival was of course the focus at the start of Patriots mini-camp yesterday, and there are plenty of articles on the Patriots cornerback: Michael SmithMichael FelgerTom CurranAlan GreenbergMike ReissMichael Parente. Whew. Get through all of those? Yesterday was Corey Dillon’s first on-field session with the Patriots. Kevin Mannix still says the idea of Dillon on the Patriots is hard to reconcile. Curran’s notebook says that the action was fast and furious at the morning session yesterday. Felger’s notebook looks at Tom Brady taking more than a full load yesterday with backup Rohan Davey still over in Europe. Parente’s notebook looks at Rosevelt Colvin getting some action in the non-contact drills. Reiss’ notebook has more on Brady, and he is the only one to say how Colvin actually looked in the drills when he says the Patriots linebacker “appeared to move well”. That’s probably the single biggest thing I wanted to see from this camp, and while the various accounts say he participated in the drills, they’re not telling us how he looked in doing so…did he have any limp, was he at partial speed, holding back? Inquiring minds want to know…Smith’s notebook looks at Matt Light missing camp for an appendectomy. On Patriots.com, Andy Hart has an informative article from day one of camp, and you can read the transcript of Bill Belichick’s press conference.

Steve Bulpett has Danny Ainge disagreeing with Larry Bird’s comments on race. Michael Gee (subscription only) also disagrees with Bird’s comments, stating that the biggest issue is whether the player can play the game or not. He states:

At this point in Celtics history, if Danny Ainge drafted a 6-foot-10 member of the Taliban complete with beard and turban and the kid could turn in 20 points and 15 rebounds a game, Bostonians would adore their anti-American hero.

I’m not sure about that. Bulpett also has a notebook with a few Celtics related items of interest.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell and Stephen Harris look at Andrew Raycroft winning the Calder Trophy for NHL Rookie of the year.

Jackie MacMullan looks through her childhood autograph book and comes to a realization.

Bill Griffith looks at tonight’s History Channel documentary on Bill Russell and Red Auerbach. Dave Scott lokos at the Larry Bird comments and all other happenings in Friday’s edition of Scott’s Shots. (Warning: Shameless plug ahead.) Don’t forget to check out and spread the word about Philly Sports Media Watch as well.

UPN38 has Red Sox/Dodgers at 7:00. The History Channel show mentioned above airs at 8:00 on said channel.