A little more on the Ron Borges rumble:

From the ContraCostaTimes ( free subscription required):

Adding to the excitement, Ron Borges of the Boston Globe and Michael Katz, formerly of the New York Daily News and currently with MaxBoxing.com, engaged in a scuffle moments after returning from the early-afternoon Hopkins interview.

Katz made a comment suggesting Borges was in promoter Don King's pocket, and Borges slapped a cap off Katz's head. Katz, who walks with a cane, stood up and began to swing his cane at Borges. Eventually, the melee was broken up by onlookers, but not before Arum was sent crashing to the ground. There were no visible injuries.

What? Ron Borges in Don King’s pocket? C’mon. Next you’re going to be telling me that he’s in Al Davis’ pocket too…

Actually, in an effort to be fair here…it seems perhaps Borges might not have been the instigator here. The New York Daily News tells us:

A long-simmering feud between boxing writers spilled over in the press room at the MGM Grand yesterday, adding to an already tense day.

Former Daily News columnist Michael Katz and Ron Borges of the Boston Globe traded punches after Katz accused Borges of being a puppet for promoter Don King. As reporters rushed to separate Katz and Borges, promoter Bob Arum - who was holding an impromptu interview at the time - was knocked to the floor.

No one was injured in the scrum. MGM security threatened to expel Katz from the building, but didn't.

So if Katz was nearly ejected, and Borges wasn’t that seems to indicate the fault was more with Katz. Added to this was an email I received this morning from someone “in the business” which stated in part that:

Mike Katz may be 5-5 and old but he is also about 250 pounds and just about the biggest prick walking the face of the earth. A truly horrible guy who treats the rest of the media like crap and regularly shoves around ushers, other writers, etc. In talking to a few buddies who witnessed the "fight" it was a few seconds long, Katz started it and Borges had no choice but to defend himself.

I guess we’re left to draw our own conclusions on this one. While Borges may not have started this incident, did he really need to go after the guy? I wasn’t there. I don’t know. But incidents like this only add to the pugilistic and confrontational reputation that Borges has.