If you had any doubts as to the pugilistic nature of the Boston sports media, this little note in the New York Post should erase any doubts, apparently the esteemed Ron Borges got into an altercation with Mike Katz reporting for the New York Times while covering the upcoming fights this weekend in Vegas. Katz, who is about 5’5″ with a long white beard, a neck brace and a cane, and who from reports can barely move most of the time, was apparently able to hold his own with Borges. Way to go, Ron. Borges has again shown himself to be nothing more than your average neighborhood bully.

This is the second “media rumble” involving Boston writers in recent history. You may recall the baseball writers mixing it up out in Cleveland with a local radio personality out there.

David Scott got sent on another BSMW field trip this time hanging out with Dennis and Callahan one early morning in the studios of WEEI. David got a good behind the scenes look at the duo and what drives them and their program each morning. Scott does chide “out of touch yahoos” who wanted D&C canned after the METCO incident. Um, Dave, can I see you in my office in a few minutes… and bring your playbook. (just kidding) Scott does a good job, I think in making D&C seem almost…human. Almost.

The Red Sox pitching has been cause for concern. David Heuschkel says the next move Theo Epstein might make would be bringing in another pitcher. Steven Krasner says that the recent pitching woes are threatening to ruin the strong start to the season by the team. Michael Silverman says the Sox are not about to push the panic button, and looks at the biggest areas of concern for the local nine. John Tomase also has a look at the Sox floundering starting rotation. Dan Shaughnessy looks at the troubles encountered by Pedro Martinez. Gerry Callahan (subscription only) was on record in the spring as saying the Sox had to sign Pedro. He now says Theo and the Sox are looking very smart by not investing 50 million dollars into Martinez. John Wagner looks at Nomar’s effort last night on Toledo with the PawSox. Jeff Horrigan takes a look at the minors, looking specifically at Abe Alvarez. Steven Krasner takes another look at the monster performance from Vladimir Guerrero on Wednesday night. Gordon Edes’ notebook has more on the pitching woes of the Red Sox. Silverman’s notebook looks at Nomar and Pedro.

Tom Curran reports that the Patriots expect to see Ty Law at minicamp.

Christopher Price wonders why Doc Rivers hasn’t been around the Celtics, sticking with his ABC broadcasting deal instead. Peter May has an NBA finals notebook looking at the prospect of Phil Jackson passing Red Auerbach for most titles as a head coach. Michael Gee (subscription only) says that Celtics fans are living in the past, and that a case can be made that Jackson is a better coach than Auerbach was. He does say though that Auerbach changed pro basketball, and as an NBA figure and executive, there is no comparison between he and Jackson.

Kevin Paul Dupont and Stephen Harris look at the Flames inching closer to the Stanley Cup. Dupont’s notebook looks at Darryl Sutter not backing off his words.

Bill Griffith has a look ahead to the Belmont Stakes tomorrow. Dupont also has a feature on Stewart Elliott, the jockey for Smarty Jones. George Kimball has a look at Purge, who hopes to pull the upset at the Belmont.

UPN38 has Red Sox/Royals at 8:00. ESPN has Astros/Cardinals at 8:00.