The above words do not reflect my view, but rather that of Bill Burt, who on FSN last night stated that if the Red Sox and Pedro were to lose and get swept by the Angels, that it might be time to pack it in. He said the team is “in a rut”, and showing signs that should cause you to worry. Steve Buckley had to play the voice of reason and point out that this team “in a rut” just finished a homestand where they won 7 of 9.

If you’re a rational person, and wish to stay that way, here’s a bit of friendly advice: Stay away from WEEI for the next couple days. All you’re going to hear is doom and gloom, from John Dennis’ gleeful early morning gloating over Pedro’s stinker, to the Big Show opener which no doubt will have some reference to fans lining up on a bridge. You’re going to hear panic trade suggestions and I believe the phrase “They’re ruinin’ my summah” will be uttered by Glenn Ordway at some point. Save yourself the torture. Dale and Neumy, we turn to you for reasoned sports talk.

Anyhow, the Sox and Pedro did lose last night, falling 10-7. Vladimir Guerrero feasted on Sox pitching, collecting four hits, smacking two home runs and driving nine runs. The game stories all focus on the tremendous night by Guerrero: Michael SilvermanBob HohlerSteven KrasnerDavid Heuschkel. The Sox starting pitching needs a boost, and Tony Massarotti says it needs to happen soon. Dan Shaughnessy has a piece on Terry Francona, and pushes the Sox manager on Manny’s job to first Tuesday night. Francona answers that Manny has a sore groin. Krasner says that the sixth inning has been the weakness for the Sox this season. Our pal Buddy Thomas urges the Sox to get Derek Lowe gone. He even suggests some trades to help out the Sox. I’m sure they’ll take it under advisement, Buddy. Gordon Edes wonders who is going to play second when Nomar returns. He says both Bellhorn and Reese have shown they deserve to be in there. Bill Reynolds looks at what’s happened with Nomar and the Red Sox, and says that this is likely Nomar’s last season in Boston. Massarotti has another look at the monster night from Guerrero. Howard Bryant (subscription only) has a look at the importance of Johnny Damon to the Red Sox. He looks at Damon’s hope to stay here, despite rumors of the Sox lusting after Carlos Beltran. Edes’ notebook says we could see Nomar with the Sox as early as next Tuesday against the Padres. Silverman’s notebook says the Sox hope to get Scott Williamson back next week as well. Krasner’s notebook and Heuschkel’s notebook look at Pedro reaching the 2500 strikeout plateau.

Rob Bradford of the Lowell Sun has a booking coming in a matter of days entitled “Chasing Steinbrenner“. It’s a look at the Red Sox and Blue Jays front offices last season as they tried to catch the Yankees. has an excerpt from the book posted.

Michael Smith looks at Terrell Buckley’s likely return to the Patriots. Eric McHugh looks at how the Patriots and Krafts dominated “The Tradition” awards at the The Sports Museum.

From the weekend, Chad Berndtson had a look at Glenn Ordway and how he as risen from the ranks of an unemployed actor getting bit parts on General Hospital to becoming arguably the most influential member of the Boston sports media.

ABC has Flames/Lightning at 8:00.