Walk off victory, indeed.

Sox fall in 13 after going through their entire available bullpen and having Bobby Jones out there to walk four batters in the final frame. Game stories: Bob HohlerSean McAdamJeff HorriganDavid Heuschkel and David Borges. It’s the home opener this afternoon, and Dan Shaughnessy is here to look at Good Friday, complete with Jesus in center field. Howard Bryant has a pay column looking at the home opener, with looks at Terry Francona, Ellis Burks and Pokey Reese getting set for Fenway. Bryant also looks at the anemic offense (yes, anemic) by the Sox thus far. Alex Speier has a series of articles looking at the season and impact of Curt Schilling. Nick Cafardo has a look at Toronto star Vernon Wells. Hohler has a mini-feature on today’s Sox starter, Bronson Arroyo. Art Martone celebrates his 30th consecutive home opener. Snob. (Just kidding.) Horrigan looks at the Patriots being honored at Fenway again. Hohler’s notebook says that Ramiro Mendoza wasn’t an option at the end of the game last night. Horrigan’s notebook looks at the head-scratching move of putting Gabe Kapler in to run for Manny Ramirez at third in the 11th inning. What made it more weird was that Manny had looked pretty good going from first to third on Millar’s single. McAdam’s notebook has more on Mendoza. Heuschkel’s notebook looks at declining salaries in baseball. Borges’ notebook looks ahead to the home opener.

Curt Schilling was on the Jim Rome show yesterday and used the occasion to tee off on the Boston sports media. He said that things attributed to anonymous sources are made up ideas by the media and much of it is just lies. He said the players didn’t even know about Pedro leaving early until the media made a huge deal about it. He said it’s not a big deal among the players because they know there are different levels of treatment for different players. He went after Shaughnessy saying he has an obvious agenda against Pedro. He mentioned an incident he had with a reporter who wrote a story about Schilling having a BMW with spinning rims on the wheels, which was totally wrong, since Schilling doesn’t, and has never owed a BMW. He said he confronted the media person about it, and they just blew him off.

An emailer to Poynter online (A journalism website) questions how the Globe sports writers (other local papers did it as well) can just change quotes that they get. In question in the “concentration camp” quote from Terry Francona that was changed to “boot camp”. (You may have to search for “Concentration,” not “boot camp” on the page.)

Stephen Harris looks at how the second line was key to the Bruins game one victory. Ron Indrisano looks at Joe Thornton’s game one contribution. Joe McDonald says that the Bruins are ready for game two. Steve Conroy has the Canadiens looking for answers. Frank Dell’Apa says that the Canadiens are not panicking. Conroy also has a look at Marty LaPointe. Dan Ventura looks at a treat for Boston Hockey fans with NHL playoffs and NCAA Frozen Four all at the FleetCenter. Indrisano’s notebook has Andrew Raycroft giving credit to his team defense. Harris’ notebook has Thornton sitting out the workout yesterday.

Celtics play in New Orleans tonight…Paul Pierce’s status is up in the air with a sprained ankle. Links are over at Fox Sports Net.

Michael Smith has a look at Charlie Weis’ charity event.

Bill Griffith tells us why today’s home opener on UPN38 will not be in HDTV.

In Globe news…though not always a bastion of reliable news, SportsJournalists.com has a poster reporting that Tim Burke of the Palm Beach Post has accepted the sports editor position at the Globe vacated by Don Skwar. They say the sides are just “haggling” over a few financial details. It sounds legit, but you might want to take it with a grain of salt for time being.

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UPN38 has Sox/Blue Jays at 3:00. NESN has Bruins/Canadiens at 7:00, (ESPN2 nationally) FSNE has Celtics/Hornets at 8:00. ESPN has Nets/Pacers at 8:00 and Kings/Suns at 10:30. ESPN2 has Stars/Avalanche at 9:30.