The continued effort by nitwit columnists to stereotype all Red Sox fans forges on. Get a clue, will you please Mike? This drivel is not only offensive, it’s insulting. From Barnicle’s column this morning:

Card-carrying members of "The Nation" are parochial and isolated from larger events. Mention Condoleezza Rice and the immediate question is: wife of Jim? Talk of Sept. 11 prompts the faithful to think about a three-game series with Seattle.

The new guys - Francona, Schilling, Foulke and a few others - will find out they are walking around a city where despair always beats out delight, where people would rather hammer the Yankees than kill Osama, where the future never runs beyond any October and the past is a scar that never heals. In one of America's oldest provinces - Boston - there is the irony that "The Nation" has more interest in wallowing in heartache than history.

That is really bad stuff. I realize hyperbole is a tool of a columnist, but to paint this picture of Red Sox fans as people who care more about their team and baseball than the events of September 11th 2001 is truly insulting to the people of Boston.

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A couple of better links: Bob Stern says Opening day at Fenway is a special event. Mike Fine looks at the Red Sox pitching, which he says is as good as it gets. A less positive view is from Clark Booth, who sees bad omens everywhere and shows himself to be squarely in the Barnicle/Shaughnessy/Lobel camp.

A comment from a reader on the Barnicle quotes above that should put things into perspective:

What irked me the most about the article was, well, the whole thing irked me but what killed me what that September 11th reference. One of my closest friend's brother is an obsessive Red Sox fan. I mean, the guy is a bit like Ray from Lynn sometimes. He was also on the 27th floor of Tower 2 on 9/11. He made it out ok but lost 9 friends in the collapse. Something tells me he doesn't think of the Mariners on that date. Sure, he has a personal stake in it but you mean to tell me that there's a single person in the state of MA who would think of the Sox first instead of the attack? Two of the damn planes took off from Logan! And that whole thing about Condoleeza Rice being Jim's wife. Give me a (deleted) break. He's such a vicious little (deleted)clown

I’m sure there are plenty more of you out there with similar feelings. Send him an email. Copy me on it if you like, maybe more will be posted.