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A surprisingly busy day for

A surprisingly busy day for links today.

Michael Smith has a look at the entire Patriots roster, what their salary situation is like and what the future may hold for each player. A very thorough job. Michael Felger has a look at the sweet and sour from this glorious Patriots season. Tom Curran shows us why he is so well regarded by many fans and his colleagues as he reminds us:

Here's a rule that should be seared inside the eyelids of every sports writer: Never complain about your job.

A nice article covering a lot of different points and angles from the Super Bowl. A must read. Eric McHugh says the Patriots watched each others backs all season. Ron Borges writes about the courts declaring Maurice Clarett eligible for the 2004 NFL draft. Borges was at it again yesterday on WWZN, tearing up the Patriots ’03 draft, declaring the only players they really got from it were Eugene Wilson and Dan Koppen. Bethel Johnson is nothing more than a kick returner, Ty Warren and Asante Samuel can’t play, and Dan Klecko will never be a player. He did upgrade his previous grade from a C- to a B, however. In a pay column, Gerry Callahan takes his parting shots at Super Bowl week. Targets include Mike Ditka, Warren Sapp and Kris Jenkins. Cathleen F. Crowley looks at the Patriots appearance at the Warwick mall last night. Christopher Price writes about the Patriots losing QB coach John Hufnagel to the NY Giants as their new Offensive Coordinator. Smith’s notebook has the Patriots giving the Raiders permission to speak to Eric Mangini about their Defensive Coordinator position. Smith doesn’t seem to think that Mangini is likely to take the job, even if it is offered to him.

With the Patriots season regretfully over, the Red Sox links continue to mount up. Yesterday the Sox had a press conference to announce the signing of Ellis Burks. NESN carried the entire conference, and as I was home sick with the flu…as I have been every day this week…I got to see it all. I have to say, maybe it was my condition, or the medication I’m on, but seeing Ellis back up there in a Red Sox hat got me a little emotional. I’ve mentioned before he was a favorite of mine in my youth, and now the Sox have a guy on their roster for this year who played the outfield with Rice and Evans. Pretty neat. Michael Holley says the return of Burks truly represents a change in times for the Red Sox and Fenway Park. Howard Bryant has a pay column on the return of Burks, and the article emphasizes how much things have changed around here since Burks departed. He does however, take a shot at pair of radio hosts in town who seem to cling to the old ways of hatred:

In a sense, Burks has outlived what the Red Sox were. The Yawkey dynasty is now extinguished and discredited, and while sports radio is home to a couple of Grand Dragons who play to the city's worst elements, they appear to be the embarrassing exception.

There is clearly now back and forth sniping between Bryant and the Dennis & Callahan program on WEEI. Stay tuned, this looks only to get uglier. Dennis and Callahan are off today, but you can be sure they will have their say on the matter, likely very early on Monday, or whenever they return. Tony Massarotti writes about the return of Burks, noting again how this is a sign of things made whole here with Boston and Burks. Massarotti also notes that Burks could see some time in the outfield this season, meaning he may not be exclusively a DH. Art Martone and David Heuschkel also have articles on the return of Burks. Gordon Edes has a mini-feature on Curt Schilling, who is never shy about sharing stories and talking about getting ready for Spring Training. Bob Stern writes about David Ortiz, preparing to play more time at first this season.

Kevin Paul Dupont and Steve Conroy report on the Bruins latest win, a 6-2 victory at Buffalo that sends them into the All Star break on a five game winning streak. Both the Globe and Herald notebooks lead with Joe Thornton. Mike Loftus looks at how Andrew Raycroft has become a rock for the Bruins. Win Bates looks at the Bruins exciting young players.

Celtics links are at Fox Sports New England.

Bill Griffith looks at a busy sports weekend on TV despite the lack of NFL football. Maureen Mullen has an article on new WEEI GM Julie Kahn and how things are working out in her time on the job. One somewhat weird comment which is sure to draw attention is regarding women listeners:

Expanding WEEI's audience to include more women, Kahn said, is not necessarily a desirable goal. "Broadcasting is really narrow in focus," she said. "The minute you try to be everything to everybody, you tend to lose the very target audience that you really intended to serve, so it really is not in our best interests to try to target women or welcome women too much.

It’s very clear the audience that WEEI tries to target: white males 25-54. I think it’s the last part of that comment that has me scratching my head. Targeting women listeners is one thing, I’d agree that the station probably doesn’t want to go that route, but not even “welcoming” them? In the immortal words of Michael Felger; “What up with that?” Is that the reason that many female callers to the Big Show are virtually harassed on the air, and made to look foolish? (Though they do not come close to the degrading treatment that any female calling the Eddie Andelman show on WWZN gets…)

FSN has Celtics/Hawks at 7:30. ESPN has Nets/Magic at 8:00 and Kings/Spurs at 10:30. ESPN2 will have the EA Sports NFL Matchup at 7:30, Patriots fans will likely want to catch this.

Michael Felger has a good

Michael Felger has a good look at the mistakes the Patriots cannot repeat from the offseason following their 2002 Super Bowl title. Towards the end he also puts in some nice memories from the game and post game on Sunday. He also notes that from talking to him, it is clear to Felger that Tom Jackson has something against Bill Belichick and Patriots. Michael Smith says the Patriots have to get to work very soon on figuring out what their backfield is going to look like next season. They have until Sunday to pick up Antowain Smith’s option or cut him free. Eric McHugh looks at what is up next for the Patriots this offseason. Bob Ryan wonders if he is out of touch because he was not entertained by the halftime program. No Bob, you’re not out of touch, you speak for a lot of people. Bill Reynolds says the Super Bowl is more an event than a game. Nick Cafardo talks with Mike Vrabel in an interview that will be show in its entirety on the Globe’s “SportsPlus” on NESN tonight. The Globe notebook looks at Belichick’s appearance on Letterman last night. Felger’s notebook looks at the Raiders’ interest in Eric Mangini.

Tony Massarotti looks at the Sox covering both sides of the plate, having David Ortiz and Ellis Burks both available to DH. Gordon Edes also talks with Ortiz about the upcoming season. David Heuschkel also looks at the signing of Burks.

Russ Conway says the Bruins might’ve learned a thing or two from the Patriots. Joe Gordon also pursues that angle in writing about the Bruins recent success. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks at Dan McGillis sitting out practice. Gordon’s notebook looks at the Bruins sparkling rookies.

Celtics lose to the Clippers, 96-85. Links are at Fox Sports Net New England.

John Molori looks at the Super Bowl in this weeks edition of Media Blitz.

NESN has Bruins/Sabres at 7:00. ESPN has Red Wings/Avalanche at 8:00. TNT has Lakers/Sixers at 7:30 and Spurs/Sonics at 10:00.

Another Championship parade has come

Another Championship parade has come and gone and it’s already time to look ahead. First though, Michael Felger and Michael Smith take a look at the festivities from yesterday. your Super Bowl DVD

Bill Griffith ranks the TV coverage of the celebration. Tom Mooney recaps Patriots day. Michael O’Connor provides some scenes from the victory parade. Michael Holley says that New England fans truly are the best. Shawn Courchesne looks at a raucous welcome for the Super Bowl Champions. Jules Crittenden & David Webe look at young fans allowed to come out and see their heroes. Dan Shaughnessy says it doesn’t get any better than this. (Warning: Requisite Red Sox reference contained within.) Kevin Gray gives us a play-by-play of the parade and rally.

As for the team and its future, Nick Cafardo says that the Patriots could come back even stronger next year. I’m still uncomfortable with Nick on board. I liked it better when he was a Bills booster and every column had quotes from the “best GM in the game”. But Nick does a good job here in this one. Christopher Price says that Bill Belichick has a long to-do list this offseason. Michael Felger’s notebook says that Damien Woody will take a hometown discount, the only question is will it be enough to keep him here in New England. Smith’s notebook says things are looking good for Rodney Harrison after his surgery yesterday.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell and Stephen Harris look at a Bruins 5-4 win over the Thrashers last night. Ron Indrisano and Joe Gordon look at the Thrashers Dany Heatley, who just returned to action last week from injuries sustained in the car accident that killed his teammate Dan Snyder. Indrisano also looks at Joe Thornton thriving with a new open style of play. Harris’ notebook looks at Felix Potvin, while Marrapese-Burrell’s notebook looks at an honor for Andrew Raycroft.

Michael Silverman reports on the Sox having Ellis Burks in for a physical exam, and also a look at Tony Cloninger’s new role with the club. Gordon Edes says that the Sox and Burks have already come to terms on a deal, and are just waiting for the physical. I hope he passes the exam. Burks was my favorite player on the Sox in the late 80’s and to have him return and possibly finish his career here after all that has happened would be a nice ending.

Vin Baker wants to play for the Knicks? That and other Celtics items can be found at Fox Sports Net New England.

FSNNE has Celtics/Clippers at 7:00. ESPN has Lakers/Cavs at 8:00. ESPN2 has College hoops with Colorado/Texas at 8:00 and Louisville/Memphis at 10:00.

Tuesday Links from Len The

Tuesday Links from Len

The Patriots parade is today with a rally at City Hall Plaza to follow at noon. Downtown Boston is crowded.

Tom Curran spoke with Ron Jaworski who could find no weakness in Tom Brady’s game. Steve Serby of the NY Post sees Brady as the all-american kind of hero. your Super Bowl DVD

Michael Holley likes the entire team and organization while Ron Borges is convinced this team is as good as gets and can stay that way.

Michael Felger looks to the immediate future and 2004 and doesn’t see any players as definite locks to be gone with the exception of Ken Walter. Bob Ryan says No Dynasty. Peter May has a look at Bill Belichick who doesn’t like dynasty talk and realizes that 2004 has begun and every team is 0-0. The Denver Broncos won two straight Super Bowls and nobody gave them the label of dynasty. Is it really worth a discussion? Kevin Mannix has a Super Bowl Report Card. Karen Guregian believes that the reflective Ty Law will be back next year and perhaps longer.

Mike Lupica puts some perspective on how Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake hustled and used the NFL. But Lupica does not give a free pass to the NFL which peddles Levitra and Cialis, two male potency products.

Bill Griffith tries to make some sense out of TV Ratings for the Super Bowl which had Boston registering a lower rating than Kansas City. WEEI reported that the Super Bowl rating in Boston did not outrate Game 7 of the ALCS. But Rudy Martzke of USA Today says this Super Bowl will go down as the most-watched Super Bowl of all time. He also reports on the damage done by college punks in Boston. Andrea Estes also reports that Mayor Menino lays some blame on the colleges.

Steve Bulpett reports that the Celtics may deal for Brent Barry.

BC and BU won in opening round Beanpot games yesterday at the Fleet. Frank Dell’Appa has the game story on the BC win. Ron Indrisano has the game story on the Terrier win.

The Bruins host the Thrashers at 7:00 PM. The game is on NESN.

2004 Super Bowl Champions How

2004 Super Bowl Champions

How sweet it is. An amazing game. While I’m currently suffering the effects of my worst cold in years, the smile can’t be wiped off my face. All the national pundits who thought this game would be a sleeper awaken today with plenty of egg on their faces. The Panthers put on quite a show, with Jake Delhomme connecting on several just perfect passes to make the Patriots and their fans squirm this one out. But Tom Brady and Adam Vinatieri come through in the end, just as they always do, and take the lead back for good with four seconds remaining. Bob Ryan says this might be the best Super Bowl ever played. your Super Bowl DVD

Who are we to argue with that statement? Tom Curran has run out of superlatives for this team, and definitively calls this game the greatest Super Bowl of all time. Michael Felger says it just couldn’t have happened any other way, with Brady coming through when it counted the most. Michael Smith looks at a surprising shootout at Reliant Stadium. Dan Shaughnessy seems like he might’ve actually enjoyed the win, but still manages to remind us of the Red Sox. There’s something seriously wrong there. Alan Greenberg looks at the Patriots overcoming a lot of uncharacteristic mistakes to pull this one out in the end. Ron Borges says that the Patriots barely survived, but that survival was all that was needed last night. Weren’t they “barely surviving” almost every week this year? Mike Reiss looks at a win for the ages, delivered by clutch performers. Jackie MacMullan says there is no doubt that Adam Vinatieri is Mr Clutch. Karen Guregian says that Tom Brady cemented his place as a legend with his performance last night. Jim Donaldson is amused that the Panthers tried to ice Adam Vinatieri. Kevin Mannix says the offensive line delivered big time against the front four of the Panthers. Bill Reynolds says the Patriots have erased any possible lingering doubts about their greatness. Michael Holley agrees wholeheartedly. Wonder if Belichick had some gin and juice with Snoop Dogg after the game… Lenny Megliola is enjoying it even more the second time around. Jeff Jacobs lauds Vinatieri and Brady as a pair who have it together.

Nick Cafardo and Dan Ventura look at a huge game (10 catches, 143 yards) from Deion Branch. Michael Parente has a look at the Patriots toughest game of the season. Rich Thompson looks at another strong Super Bowl performance from Antowain Smith. Kevin Paul Dupont writes about Brady getting it done once again. Vin Sylvia thinks that we could used to this. John Powers says the drive to the game winner went like clockwork. Ian M. Clark says the Patriots made Houston their second home. Mike Reiss and Steve Buckley look at the play that got linebacker Mike Vrabel a touchdown on offense. Bob Ryan says that Christian Fauria is officially a New Englander now. His pipes froze, and he won a Super Bowl. Carolyn Thornton has another piece on Vinatieri. Gus Martins catches up with Tedy Bruschi after the game.

Smith’s notebook looks at the play of the offensive line and says that Ty Law may actually end up being underpaid. Felger’s notebook looks at the injuries to the Patriots safeties, which had them both out of the game at the end. Curran’s notebook has the Patriots considering their place in history.

Bill Griffith says the network got what they wanted from this event. Randy Lange says the telecast was not as great as the game was. Joanna Weiss was not impressed with the halftime show. In fact, CBS has apologized for the “R” rated incident at the end of the halftime show.

I’ve posted the link to the Super Bowl DVD from NFL Films in this post. If you’re going to buy it, it would be great if you could click on the link here to order it. This years edition will have the entire game on it, rather than just highlights like the Super Bowl 36 DVD had.

Mike Florio, who runs,

Mike Florio, who runs, reports on Chris Mortensen’s scoop on NFL Countdown today that Dan Marino has had a falling out with the Dolphins. Dan Marino thought he had a real job. The Dolphins hired him to be a figurehead. Dan finally figured it out.

Florio also reports with the Lawyer Milloy interview on the same show. From Mike Florio:

Though former Pats safety Lawyer Milloy is trying his best not to come off as bitter in the wake of getting run out of New England days before the start of the 2003 season, he made a telling slip during an interview with ESPN that was aired minutes ago on Sunday NFL Countdown. Specifically, Milloy described the take-a-pay-cut-or-take-a-hike ultimatum that the Pats presented to him in early September as "unethical." Unethical? Hardly.

As internet sports reporters go, Florio is pretty reliable.

Super Bowl Sunday Links from

Super Bowl Sunday Links from Len

Quick Links today

The Game is On CBS-4 (formerly WBZ-4) with kickoff at 6:25 PM. The Boston Globe has a nice summary of Super Bowl related programming.

Just some quick links today. It all really has been said and written the last two weeks. Even Dan Shaughnessy has another column today where everything comes back to the Red Sox. Don’t bother wasting your time on that one and it’s not worth a link. But there are some good articles worth reading.

Jackie MacMullan explains how Tom Cool deals with FAME. Nick Cafardo explains how Willie McGinest, who used to be known mainly for his pass rushing skills coming off the edge, has emerged as a run stopper and a complete player. If you’re a little worried about this game, Michael Holley does his best to convince you that this team is a legitimate Super Bowl favorite because it is not a high risk team. They are better and they won’t make mistakes to give it away. Tom Curran says that when you have the best quarterback, the best defense, and the best coach in the NFL, you win Super Bowls. Ron Borges sees it as a smashmouth game. Borges has a very interesting NFL Notes column today including the story of another possible double-cross pulled off by Bill Parcells on one of his assistant coaches. When people wonder about why Belichick walked away from the head coaching job of the Jets, all they need to do is read Ron Borges Notes column today. Ron also speculates on Patriots salary cap issues and the news that Doug Flutie will not be in San Diego next year.

Michael Felger says the Patriots will worry about their legacy later and, as usual, take these games one at a time. Karen Guregian is not ready to put the Pats up there with the great teams of all time. A win here will get there foot in the door though. Howard Bryant has a column on dynasties and looks at teams who appeared to be on the verge of dynasties only to become footnotes like the Bears, Raiders, Rams, and Bills.

Mike Lupica expects a street fight. Michael Wilbon has Tom Brady as the goat and sees a parade in Charlotte. Steve Serby, who call Brady, “Kid Perfect”, brings back a Brady quote from right after Super Bowl XXXVI:

"There are a lot of people out there who want to believe this is a one-time thing. I'm gonna work twice as hard because I want to prove to anybody and everybody I'm not a one-shot deal."

We believe you Tom. Keep ’em coming. Chicago Sun-Times writer Mike Mulligan understands how Ted Washington can single-handedly mess up the other team’s entire game plan. He also realizes that Tom Brady is not going to give this one away.

Bill Griffith looks at the effect that the Patriots run has had on local sales of High Definition TV sets and the HD technology that CBS is bringing to Super Sunday.

PC takes on Seton Hall at noon and the Bruins host Pittsburgh at 1 pm. The Bruins game is on NESN.