Michael Felger has a good look at the mistakes the Patriots cannot repeat from the offseason following their 2002 Super Bowl title. Towards the end he also puts in some nice memories from the game and post game on Sunday. He also notes that from talking to him, it is clear to Felger that Tom Jackson has something against Bill Belichick and Patriots. Michael Smith says the Patriots have to get to work very soon on figuring out what their backfield is going to look like next season. They have until Sunday to pick up Antowain Smith’s option or cut him free. Eric McHugh looks at what is up next for the Patriots this offseason. Bob Ryan wonders if he is out of touch because he was not entertained by the halftime program. No Bob, you’re not out of touch, you speak for a lot of people. Bill Reynolds says the Super Bowl is more an event than a game. Nick Cafardo talks with Mike Vrabel in an interview that will be show in its entirety on the Globe’s “SportsPlus” on NESN tonight. The Globe notebook looks at Belichick’s appearance on Letterman last night. Felger’s notebook looks at the Raiders’ interest in Eric Mangini.

Tony Massarotti looks at the Sox covering both sides of the plate, having David Ortiz and Ellis Burks both available to DH. Gordon Edes also talks with Ortiz about the upcoming season. David Heuschkel also looks at the signing of Burks.

Russ Conway says the Bruins might’ve learned a thing or two from the Patriots. Joe Gordon also pursues that angle in writing about the Bruins recent success. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks at Dan McGillis sitting out practice. Gordon’s notebook looks at the Bruins sparkling rookies.

Celtics lose to the Clippers, 96-85. Links are at Fox Sports Net New England.

John Molori looks at the Super Bowl in this weeks edition of Media Blitz.

NESN has Bruins/Sabres at 7:00. ESPN has Red Wings/Avalanche at 8:00. TNT has Lakers/Sixers at 7:30 and Spurs/Sonics at 10:00.