Super Bowl Sunday Links from Len

Quick Links today

The Game is On CBS-4 (formerly WBZ-4) with kickoff at 6:25 PM. The Boston Globe has a nice summary of Super Bowl related programming.

Just some quick links today. It all really has been said and written the last two weeks. Even Dan Shaughnessy has another column today where everything comes back to the Red Sox. Don’t bother wasting your time on that one and it’s not worth a link. But there are some good articles worth reading.

Jackie MacMullan explains how Tom Cool deals with FAME. Nick Cafardo explains how Willie McGinest, who used to be known mainly for his pass rushing skills coming off the edge, has emerged as a run stopper and a complete player. If you’re a little worried about this game, Michael Holley does his best to convince you that this team is a legitimate Super Bowl favorite because it is not a high risk team. They are better and they won’t make mistakes to give it away. Tom Curran says that when you have the best quarterback, the best defense, and the best coach in the NFL, you win Super Bowls. Ron Borges sees it as a smashmouth game. Borges has a very interesting NFL Notes column today including the story of another possible double-cross pulled off by Bill Parcells on one of his assistant coaches. When people wonder about why Belichick walked away from the head coaching job of the Jets, all they need to do is read Ron Borges Notes column today. Ron also speculates on Patriots salary cap issues and the news that Doug Flutie will not be in San Diego next year.

Michael Felger says the Patriots will worry about their legacy later and, as usual, take these games one at a time. Karen Guregian is not ready to put the Pats up there with the great teams of all time. A win here will get there foot in the door though. Howard Bryant has a column on dynasties and looks at teams who appeared to be on the verge of dynasties only to become footnotes like the Bears, Raiders, Rams, and Bills.

Mike Lupica expects a street fight. Michael Wilbon has Tom Brady as the goat and sees a parade in Charlotte. Steve Serby, who call Brady, “Kid Perfect”, brings back a Brady quote from right after Super Bowl XXXVI:

"There are a lot of people out there who want to believe this is a one-time thing. I'm gonna work twice as hard because I want to prove to anybody and everybody I'm not a one-shot deal."

We believe you Tom. Keep ’em coming. Chicago Sun-Times writer Mike Mulligan understands how Ted Washington can single-handedly mess up the other team’s entire game plan. He also realizes that Tom Brady is not going to give this one away.

Bill Griffith looks at the effect that the Patriots run has had on local sales of High Definition TV sets and the HD technology that CBS is bringing to Super Sunday.

PC takes on Seton Hall at noon and the Bruins host Pittsburgh at 1 pm. The Bruins game is on NESN.