Mike Florio, who runs Profootballtalk.com, reports on Chris Mortensen’s scoop on NFL Countdown today that Dan Marino has had a falling out with the Dolphins. Dan Marino thought he had a real job. The Dolphins hired him to be a figurehead. Dan finally figured it out.

Florio also reports with the Lawyer Milloy interview on the same show. From Mike Florio:

Though former Pats safety Lawyer Milloy is trying his best not to come off as bitter in the wake of getting run out of New England days before the start of the 2003 season, he made a telling slip during an interview with ESPN that was aired minutes ago on Sunday NFL Countdown. Specifically, Milloy described the take-a-pay-cut-or-take-a-hike ultimatum that the Pats presented to him in early September as "unethical." Unethical? Hardly.

As internet sports reporters go, Florio is pretty reliable.