This week and next would’ve been the right week for me to take a vacation, if I had the resources to do so. As it is, there is likely to be reduced links here at BSMW during that time, simply because there isn’t much going on. Our biggest in-town sports station is committed to spending every moment between 6-10 in the morning talking about same-sex marriage. Can’t they at least talk about Pete Sheppard’s holdout or something?

Today could be D-Day for Vin Baker and the Celtics. Details are at Fox Sports Net. Interestingly, the Pittsburgh papers had more Celtics articles (5) than the Boston papers today.

Ron Borges shows his writing talents in a piece today on Howard Bingham, the best friend of Muhammad Ali. Borges gets a lot of flak here for his football writing and obvious attempts to be controversial and stir the pot, but as has been said here before, his true love is boxing, and it shows in his writing of that sport. He’s a talented guy, no question. Too bad his agenda skews his coverage of the Patriots so much.

Steve Conroy says that tonight’s Bruins-Senators game could be a playoff preview. The Globe’s Bruins notebook looks at another lineup shuffle due to the health of players. James Murphy talked to Brian Rolston about the impending labor war.

Steve Buckley has a pay column about he Red Sox this morning in which he asserts that Red Sox ownership and management is driven…fanatical about winning a World Series. He says their openness about things might not be the best way to run a franchise. (Maybe Buck preferred the KBG-style of the Harrington/Duquette reign?) He says they’ve gotten themselves in some trouble during this offseason with Nomar, Manny and others.

The Red Sox could have avoided some of these problems if, somehow, some way, they had been clandestine with their offseason maneuvering. But when you are obsessed with winning, when you take a damn-the-torpedoes approach to winning, then it's likely you'll anger some people along the way. And anger leads to headlines, which leads to days of discourse on the radio, which leads to where we are this moment: It's a week before the beginning of spring training, and the Red Sox must win the World Series this season or else.

Real article, or space filler? You decide.

Things are so slow, Dan Shaughnessy (Why does it crack me up every time I run my spellchecker and it wants to change “Shaughnessy” to “Shagginess”?) does his annual piece on a female high school basketball player. As reader LJ points out, at least he didn’t call her a “spoiled little rich diva.”

Things better pick up soon, or I’ll be forced to put up some Daytona 500 links…

NESN has Bruins/Senators at 7:00, followed by the Globe SportsPlus. FSN has Celtics/Bulls at 8:30. ESPN has Flyers/Rangers at 7:30. ESPN2 has a college hoops tripleheader starting at 7:00.