Was that sports radio yesterday, or an all day session of the whiner line? You had fans calling all day to rip on the Patriots and the Krafts for not getting all of the snow out of the stadium, and you had Nomar calling up Dale & Neumy to voice his displeasure with how the Red Sox have handled his situation and their flirtation with Alex Rodriguez.

Tuesday means Kevin Mannix has his Patriots report card. Mostly A’s, with the lowest grades, C’s, going to the receivers, offensive line and special teams. Michael Smith reports that long snapper Lonnie Paxton suffered a torn ACL in the win Sunday, and could be out for the season. They’re trying to determine if he can continue to play with it, or if he’ll need to be placed on IR. Tom Curran gives two reasons for the success of the Patriots, their coaching continuity and their preparation. Alan Greenberg says the Patriots just win. Period. Whatever the weather, whatever the circumstances, they adapt and do what they have to do. Ron Borges says the Patriots have a formidable home field advantage. He looks at the other AFC contenders and how they might fare coming to Gillette in January. Rich Thompson says the Jaguars will be a tough opponent this coming Sunday. They’re just starting to hit their stride. Mike Reiss looks at how Willie McGinest and Mike Vrabel have set the edge for the Patriots on defense. Michael Parente says that Belichick and the Pats really want three more wins to close the season and gain the homefield advantage.

More on Sunday’s win…David Pevear looks at the Patriots clinching the AFC East in the snow. Eric McHugh says the rest of the AFC had better get used to this. Glen Farley looks at the Valley Forge like atmosphere at the stadium Sunday. Bill Burt writes about the celebration powder that covered Foxboro. Hector Longo looks at the defense stepping up yet again. Tom King looks at another freeze-up by the Dolphins. McHugh also has a look at Antowain Smith answering the bell on Sunday. Ron Hobson looks at Brooks Barnard’s debut. Farley also looks at the efforts to remove the snow and the effect it had on everyone. You can also get the thoughts of Kent Thaler on the game as well.

Curran’s notebook looks at how the new look secondary has supported the run much better this year. Reiss’ notebook has a look at the kicking game in the snow. Parente’s notebook looks at the probably return of Larry Centers. Thompson’s notebook has a look at the effort on special teams Sunday.

Nick Cafardo looks at Nomar going on the offensive and talking to Dale & Neumy on WEEI yesterday, in an attempt to get the word out that he wants to stay here and isn’t happy to read in the papers about a possible trade. Smart move by Nomar…get the fans on your side. Was this his idea, or did his agent push him to do this? Either way, Nomar shows that he cares and now has publicly said he wants to be here. What effect that has, we’ll see. Jeff Horrigan looks at the Red Sox gearing up for a big push for ARod. Dan Shaughnessy looks at the huge offseason arms race between the Red Sox and Yankees. He’s not 100% sure that Nomar really wants to be here, even after the WEEI appearance. He also believes the Red Sox aren’t that convinced, either:

Garciaparra is scheduled to make $11.5 million in this final year of his contract with the Sox. Tellem told the Sox it would take more than $60 million over four years to keep him, according to a Red Sox source. This misreading of the market served only to push the Sox harder in the direction of A-Rod. Now Garciaparra and his agent are telling us how much Nomar likes it here, which flies in the face of the shortstop's actions in dealings with the Boston front office. We all know that Nomar plays hard every day, but the new ownership has seen no demonstration of Nomar's love of the Boston baseball experience.

He adds that Red Sox officials “rolled their eyes” when appraised of the comments by Nomar’s agent that the Red Sox were disrespecting Nomar.

The Celtics put together a convincing 102-80 win in Utah last night. Get the links over at Fox Sports Net New England.

The Bruins had yet another tie last night. Kevin Paul Dupont says it’s official: the team is in a slump. Stephen Harris and Joe McDonald have further details on the 2-2 tie with Ottawa. Douglas Flynn, Andrew Mahoney and Joe Gordon look at the effort by Andrew Raycroft which kept the game at a tie. Sergei Zinovjev is the subject of the notebooks, as he appears headed back to Russia. Dupont’s notebook, Harris’ notebook, and McDonald’s notebook all look at the center’s likely move back his homeland after being demoted to Providence over the weekend.

Bill Griffith looks at more huge Patriots viewing numbers over the weekend.

A quiet night on the TV sports landscape. ESPN has the Jimmy V classic with Providence/Illinois at 7:00 and Arizona/Texas at 9:00. FSNNE has Temple/Arizona State at 10:30.