My apologies for the lack of links yesterday, I was unable to log into my publishing server all day, as they were making some changes.

Is this Manny/Nomar/ARod thing getting old yet? It’s a complicated process, no doubt about it. I’m just getting impatient and wish it would either get done, or fall apart. It seems to be dominating the interest not only of fans and media types, but even of the Red Sox themselves, who have plenty of other business to be taking care of. Such as Pedro, who according to Michael Silverman, wants to stay with the Red Sox for the rest of his career, and would like that to be taken care of before opening day. That is just one item in a wide-ranging interview with the Sox ace, who also touches on ARod, Manny (“He’s cuckoo”) and the Boston media. Gordon Edes reports that John Henry and Tom Hicks will meet, likely this weekend at the Winter Meetings and try to finish this deal off. Peter Gammons said yesterday that it doesn’t look like the deal will get done, and the Sox might find themselves having to mend fences with Nomar….or still trade him and then sign Miguel Tejada. Kevin Gray takes a few moments to examine the whole situation and what the moves would bring to the Sox. An uncredited story from the ProJo has the writer looking at why the owners have likely soured on Nomar. Jack O’Connell looks ahead to the Winter Meetings. Tony Massarotti has more on the deal with the Rangers and also looks at the Sox still trying to close the deal with Keith Foulke. (Does anyone think he’s coming here?) Bob Hohler has a nice piece on David Ortiz, who has talked with Manny a few times this offseason. Buddy Thomas isn’t too concerned with the big move, he’s starting a campaign to get Miguel Cairo, who he says could be a real difference maker.

You may have seen this yesterday, but if not, it’s worth a look. has a look at what Boston writers were saying at the beginning of the season about the Patriots and what they’re saying now. As you might imagine, Ron Borges figures prominently into this piece. Michael Felger says the Patriots, thanks to Belichick, are one of the few teams in the league that actually take things one day at a time. Tom Curran has a great look at Mike Vrabel, who he feels is worthy of post season award consideration. Mike Reiss says that the Patriots lack of scoring at home isn’t a concern. Alan Greenberg looks at the key injuries and concerns that are now affecting special teams. Michael Parente also looks at the makeover by necessity on Special Teams. Glen Farley says the team needs to improve on offense. Michael Smith wonders where the Patriots would be without Tom Brady. He then wonders if that would make him the MVP. Felger’s notebook leads with the return of Troy Brown to the practice field. Curran’s notebook looks at the job of replacing Lonie Paxton. Reiss’ notebook also looks at the return of Brown, while Parente’s notebook has a look at the return of Larry Centers. Smith’s notebook talks with Marc Edwards about the Jaguars.

The Celtics won their third consecutive game last night with a 126-112 pasting of the Seattle Sonics. Get the links at Fox Sports Net New England.

Another game, another tie for the Bruins. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell and Steve Conroy have the details of the 1-1 deadlock against the Panthers. Both the Globe and the Herald notebooks look at Coach Mike Sullivan’s decision to sit defenseman Jeff Jillson last night.

NESN has Bruins/Capitals at 7:00. TNT has Pistons/Cavs at 7:30 and Hornets/Suns at 10:00. ESPN has Red Wings/Blackhawks at 9:00.