An amazing day at Foxboro. The snow “fireworks” were something never to be forgotten at a football game. The on-field action wasn’t all that bad either, with the Patriots clinching the AFC East and a playoff berth. Michael Smith says it doesn’t stop there for this Patriots team, who have their eyes set on much bigger sights. Michael Felger looks at clinching of the AFC East and agrees that the team is looking beyond this accomplishment. Tom Curran opens with Rodney Harrison, glad to have come East and joined a winner. Alan Greenberg says a blizzard buried the Dolphins yesterday, and it had nothing to do with snow. Mike Reiss notes that Bill Belichick has loftier goals…and trust in his team to reveal them to them. Michael Parente looks at the nature supplied confetti that celebrated the AFC East title. Kevin Thomas looks at the Patriots taking care of business.

Michael Holley says the Patriots didn’t have to rely on someone else to get into the playoffs this year, they did it themselves. Kevin Mannix gives props to the defense and the home field advantage. Nick Cafardo looks at the Miami offensive attack, totally shut down and out by the Patriot defense. So much for the “tremendous advantage” of Ricky Williams. Bob Ryan looks at Brooks Barnard, Weather Channel nerd. Jim Donaldson celebrates the Patriots and their 12-0 whitewash of the Dolphins. Ian M. Clark says it was snow problem at all. Dan Pires says there are celebrations still to come for this team.

Michael Vega looks at a crucial play in the game, the INT return for a TD by Tedy Bruschi. Jim Baker looks at the debut of Brooks Barnard. Kevin McNamara also has a piece on the rookie punter. Michael O’Connor looks at Antowain Smith, who though battered a bit himself, handed out plenty of punishment of his own. Frank Dell’Apa looks at a motivated Rodney Harrison. Rich Thompson looks at a steady though unspectacular performance from Tom Brady. Michael Parente looks at the offensive struggles of the Patriots. Kevin McNamara says the offense did its job…just stay out of the way of the defense. Joe Burris looks at the tough ground game slugged out by the Patriots. Nick Cafardo looks at a huge game by the defense. Jeff Goodman wraps up the snowy action from Foxboro. Damian Vega goes inside a frustrated Miami locker room. Bill Burt had a feature yesterday that looked at the ownership tenure of the Krafts.

Paul Kenyon looks at the rough travel to the stadium, and tells tales of those who had long walks to the game. He also looks at the task of clearing the snow from the stadium and parking lots. Michael O’Connor looks at the effect of the snow on the fans. Andy Nesbitt also looks at the snow in the stadium and surrounding it. Bob Ryan looks at the unexpected snow showers after the Bruschi touchdown. Steve Solloway looks at the “cool fireworks”. Tim Weisberg writes about the Patriots and fans avoiding being snowed in. Mike Reiss says the snow is lucky for the Pats.

Smith’s notebook looks at the likely return of Larry Centers. The Standard-Times notebook looks at the snow, the rookie and the holder. Parente’s notebook looks at plenty of work for the rookie punter. Felger’s notebook looks at another fumble for Kevin Faulk. Curran’s notebook looks at a rumbling Antowain Smith.

If nothing else, the Red Sox flirtation with Alex Rodriguez has at the least served the purpose of flushing out Nomar and getting him to say whether he wants to be here or not. Tony Massarotti talks with Nomar, who says the only uniform that he wants to wear in his career is that of the Red Sox. Shira Springer talks with the agent for Nomar, who says all this recent trade talk is a slap in the face to Nomar. Another member of the Red Sox who is feeling disrespected these days is Tony Cloninger. Gordon Edes talks with the pitching coach, who has been told that Dave Wallace is the favorite to continue in that position. Alex Speier has a look at the journey that led to Terry Francona being manager of the Red Sox. Another article better than anything you read in the Boston papers.

The Celtics coughed up another double digit lead last night, but this time recovered to post a 116-111 win over the resurgent Denver Nuggets. The links are Fox Sports Net New England.

Kevin Paul Dupont looks at the improvements the Bruins need to make the rest of the way. Stephen Harris looks at the tie against the Flyers on Saturday night. Dupont’s notebook looks at continued shuffling of line combinations.

John Molori’s Media Blitz looks at LT’s comments, some 1510 ramblings and some criticism of Fox25’s Butch Stearns.

NESN has Bruins/Senators at 7:00. FSNNE has Celtics/Jazz at 9:00. ABC has Browns/Rams at 9:00