Steven Krasner says the Sox are out to disprove the old adage that good pitching will beat good hitting. David Heuschkel has a similar look at Papa Jack and the boys with their slogan “Somebody gotta pay.” Jackie MacMullan says all the handling of Pedro this season was in anticipation for what begins tonight. Michael Silverman looks at Sox hitter preparing to face Tim Hudson tonight. Dan Shaughnessy looks at the boundless optimism engulfing Red Sox nation as the playoffs begin. Kevin Gray gives us five reasons why the Sox will beat the A’s and move on to the ALCS. Alex Speier says that even with all the preparation you can possibly do, luck still plays a role in the postseason. Tony Massarotti examines one area that the Sox will be at a disadvantage to the A’s…the bullpen. Gordon Edes looks at the matchups in this series and gives the edge to the A’s in only one area, the bullpen. Speier looks at Manny’s ups and downs in the postseason. Steve Buckley says Pedro is talking plenty…just not in the interview room. While Buckley takes that perspective, Jim Donaldson chooses today to blast Pedro for not talking to the media. Krasner looks at the new Pedro, one who is not as intimidating as he was in the past, but just as effective. Bob Hohler looks at Pedro’s opposition tonight, Tim Hudson, who submitted perhaps the pitching performance of the year against the Sox in August. Jeff Horrigan looks at the Red Sox place as favorites in this series. Joe McDonald says that no matter what time the game was on tonight, Red Sox fans would watch it.

Sean McAdam gives us a scouting report on the A’s lineup. Edes looks at the guys who had career years for the Sox this season. McAdam looks at the final touches to the postseason roster, which does not include Jeff Suppan. Joanna Weiss looks at the laid back nature of the west coast fans. Speier looks at whether a powerful offense can lead the Sox to postseason glory. Shira Springer looks at Nomar, a superstar who is still a common guy among his teammates and friends. Shaughnessy looks at the other superstar shortstop in this series, the A’s Miguel Tejada. Kevin Thomas says Nomar may be slumping, but his work ethic can never be questioned. Buckley has a look at David Ortiz, cheering for his old teammates yesterday. Peter May looks at the Sox bullpen, eager to begin over. Massarotti takes note of Nomar asking permission from his teammates to fly out and visit Mia, missing Sunday’s season finale in Tampa. Krasner looks at the managers, their similarities and connections. Speier says much of this series depends on how much rest the starters can get. Mike Giardi doesn’t want to hear another peep about any curses. Michael Cousineau tells the tale of a NH high school principal paying the price for being a Yankees fan. Steve Britt looks at the Red Sox entire postseason history. John Tomase looks at the burden the bullpen carries for the Sox. Bob Ryan looks at the Twins refusing to submit quietly to the Yankees. May has the story of the Twins first game upset of the Yankees. Horrigan’s notebook looks at the final touches to the postseason roster for this series. Krasner’s A’s notebook looks at Tim Hudson. McAdam’s notebook looks at whether Trot will play tonight. The Globe notebook also looks at Trot.

Michael Felger’s Patriots Insider looks at the wounded defense staying positive, a rare clutch failure for Tom Brady, and a big test for the patchwork offensive line this Sunday. Nick Cafardo looks at Ty Law’s honorable performance on Sunday and raises the question again if the Patriots are going to feel he’s worth his contract at the end of the season. Cafardo’s notebook looks at another victory in court for the Patriots against unruly fans.

Mark Murphy looks at Kedrick Brown, his ankle healed, he looks to have a breakout season. Shira Springer looks at whether the Celtics young players will get playing time under Jim O’Brien, or if he’ll stick with the veterans. Lenny Megliola has a look at rookie center Kendrick Perkins, making the adjustment to the NBA game. Springer’s notebook looks at the start of rookie – “young veteran” training camp. Murphy’s notebook looks at Mike James, hoping to settle in here in Boston.

Steve Conroy looks at P.J. Axelsson adding more offense to his game. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell writes about Shaone Morrisonn, trying to find himself in Providence. Burrell’s notebook looks at a two year deal for Nick Boynton. Conroy’s notebook also looks at Boynton.

ESPN has Sox/A’s at 10:00 (Also on Channel 68 locally) ESPN has Giants/Marlins at 4:00 and Cubs/Braves at 7:00. ESPN2 has a Women’s World Cup doubleheader from Gillette Stadium at 4:30 and 7:30.