Sox finally get their act together out west. Same can’t be said for the newly redesigned website which still hasn’t put up any stories from the game last night. It seemed pretty predictable that however Derek Lowe did last night, his body language was going to be closely studied, and indeed it was. Jeff Horrigan has the story of a clutch performance by Lowe who got past an early 2-0 deficit to wind up getting the win. Steven Krasner looks at a pumped up Lowe as the key to the win. David Heuschkel also focuses on the emotions and faces of Lowe during his win last night. Tony Massarotti looks at how Lowe channeled his emotions for good last night. In the absence of the Globe stories, we’ll turn to the Oakland Tribune, Mark Saxson says Mark Mulder faced the wrath of the Boston bats, frustrated at having been shut down the previous two nights. There is also a pretty detailed Q&A session with Johnny Damon, who talks about playing in Boston. Scott Ostler says that the Red Sox and A’s are reinventing baseball. If you’re still in the mood for a doom and gloom article, then Steve Britt’s article today is for you. Massarotti says that the Sox can’t beat good pitching. After being tossed out of the previous game, Krasner reports that Trot Nixon had cooled off by last night. With the Sox on the west coast, Bob Halloran unveils his woo-hoo theory of sports fans. Horrigan’s notebook looks at the lineup changes put in by Grady Little last night. Krasner’s notebook looks at the need for surgery for Jeremy Giambi, Heuschkel’s notebook says Giambi really was hurt after all.

Tom Curran is able to pose 19 questions all over the board to coach Bill Belichick. The coach answers them, too. Michael Felger has Tom Brady pushing for more playing time on Saturday night to be able to a better feel for things out there. Mark Blaudschun looks at the Pats pulling up the training camp stakes and moving…err…no where. I marvel at the ability of some to write a full length article about something that didn’t happen…Michael Parente looks at a potential running back-by-committee situation shaping up for the Patriots. Curran’s notebook looks at how having everyone on the same page makes making cuts a bit easier. Blaudschun’s notebook looks at Brady’s push to play more on Saturday night. Felger’s notebook looks at how keeping things simple for the players this camp has helped in the development of the team. Parente’s notebook looks at a couple of minor additions to the roster yesterday.

NESN has Sox/A’s at 3:00. TBS has Braves/Padres at 7:30.