Sorry about the lack of links yesterday. Rather not go into it. Rather not talk about the Sox either, but it must be done. Bob Hohler has the coverage of another West coast loss, which puts the Sox behind their pace of a year ago and has them trailing in the wild card standings. Jeff Horrigan looks at a rough first inning which did in John Burkett and the Sox. Steven Krasner says the Sox just never could dig themselves out of that five run deficit to begin the game. David Heuschkel looks at a bit of desperation setting in for Grady Little and the Sox. Tony Massarotti says Pedro is clearly not able to put together back to back long outings these days is just not what he used to be. Jim Donaldson wants to be coddled like Pedro. Sad thing is, Jim doesn’t realize how good he has it, either, compared to most working people. Four columns a week? 1000 words each? You poor thing. Get a clue. Krasner says Pedro will be tested against the league’s iron in upcoming games. That’s of course if they mean anything by then. Alex Speier examines the Sox struggles on the road this year. Lenny Megliola looks ahead to the 2005 Red Sox. Gordon Edes looks at two Sox right handed hitters who figure to get some hacks at the plate against lefties the next few days. Christopher Price talks with Jay Mohr, who says Nomar is all about the game, and winning, not himself. Massarotti also looks at the job done last night by Keith Foulke, who came into the game in the eight with runners on second and third and nobody out and retired Mueller, Nomar and Manny to escape the inning without giving up a run. Dan Shaughnessy looks at the latest ugly twists in the Ted Williams case, as reported by Sports Illustrated. Horrigan’s notebook reports on good news for Brandon Lyon. Krasner’s notebook also looks at Lyon. Hohler’s notebook has Derek Lowe striking back at his critics.

Nick Cafardo looks at Ty Warren as he works to come up to NFL speed, both on the field and in the playbook. Will he be a Richard Seymour type rookie, or a Chris Canty? Kevin McNamara also looks at Warren, who he describes as quiet and willing to learn and get better. Mike Reiss looks at the Patriots problems on the right side of the offensive line. The causes? Injury and retirement, yes, but also poor development of young players and questionable free agent moves, according to Reiss. Michael Felger looks at Rodney Harrison, whom he says might be the most important addition to the defense, simply for the attitude and swagger he can bring to the team, something they’ve lacked since the day Bryan Cox. Alan Greenberg looks at Kevin Faulk and how far he has come and the progress he has made to the point that he’s going to get more first and second down snaps, as he deserves them. Just one note from the article, J.R. Redmond was not a rookie during the Super Bowl season…Christopher Price looks at the Patriots ground game and the pieces that could be a part of it, including Redmond. Michael Parente looks at the secondary, where Otis Smith appears injured again and Leonard Myers has been impressing. Cafardo’s notebook provides some injury updates, as best as can be determined. Felger’s notebook looks at the need for the depth in the secondary, where Smith and now Myers appear to be injured again. McNamara’s notebook has more on nagging injuries that could be holding some players back from even making the team. Parente’s notebook says time is running out on some players to get back onto the field.

Steve Conroy looks at the Bruins again exercising their “walk away” rights, this time to Bryan Berard. Joe McDonald has more on the situation. Douglas Flynn says the club planned all along to walk away from it’s own arbitration offer. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at a community service sentence for Joe Thornton, and has more on the ugly injuries suffered by Jonathan Girard in his car accident. Mike Shalin remembers Herb Brooks. Dupont’s notebook looks at the Berard situation and a couple minor moves by the club. Conroy’s notebook has more on Thornton’s sentence.

Jim McCabe and Joe Gordon look at Tiger Woods, ready to end his Major drought.

NESN has Red Sox/A’s at 10:00. ESPN2 has Padres/Braves at 7:00 and ESPN has Yankees/Royals at 8:00.