What can I say about Manny? The last two games have featured two huge clutch home runs. Steven Krasner says this one “zooms right to the top of the list of the numerous emotional, improbable and important wins the Boston Red Sox have racked up this season.” David Heuschkel looks at Manny’s home run, as well as a bunch of other key moments that led to the win yesterday. Jeff Horrigan says the blackout on the east coast coincided with a sudden power surge on the west coast. Bob Hohler says yesterday may have been a memorable crossroads for this team in its push towards the playoffs. Tony Massarotti looks at the Red Sox winning formula: “Mannyball”. Gordon Edes looks at Alan Embree, who cleaned up his own mess quite nicely yesterday. Edes also hints that he and the rest of the media never had a moment’s doubt about the Sox after they dropped the first two games:

"Everybody after two games had us counted out of the wild card," said Embree, who fortunately was not asked to produce evidence of these supposed write-offs.

Massarotti also looks at the escape by Embree from the eighth inning yesterday. Michael Silverman thinks that Bronson Arroyo could be a great candidate for a callup based on his performance this season in Pawtucket which includes a perfect game. Heuschkel’s notebook looks at Grady tinkering with his rotation to get Pedro in twice against the Yankees. Krasner’s notebook has more on Embree. Horrigan’s notebook has a look at Gabe Kapler’s contributions yesterday as well a number of other items. Hohler’s notebook looks at another steady performance by Tim Wakefield.

Nick Cafardo looks at the Patriots coordinators, neither of whom are signed (that we know of…remember Belichick got an extension a year ago and we never heard a peep about it.) beyond this season. Cafardo makes the case that media hype and fan attention are what get assistants promoted to head coaching positions. He uses this premise to subtly criticize the Patriots practice to not allow assistant coaches to speak to the media. This, he concludes, is why Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis are not head coaches by now. Of course Bill Parcells had and has the exact same policy, and it’s ok for the Tuna, but not for Belichick. Whatever. Belichick got a head coaching gig while under those same conditions. Alan Greenberg looks at Ty Law, who remains as confident and entertaining as ever. But will be he be around here much longer? Michael Felger looks at few position battles that will be looked at Saturday night. Ian M. Clark looks at the wideout position, which is one of the competitive areas. Tom Curran looks at the battle among the two punters in camp. Michael Parente looks at the serious work beginning with the training camp portion of the preseason officially over. Felger’s notebook looks at the linebacker position, which is another area of depth for the Pats. Curran’s notebook looks at wide receiver DeVeren Johnson picked up Wednesday after having been released by Parcells and the Cowboys. Parente’s notebook says the offense has some work to do to catch up to the offense. Cafardo’s notebook also looks at the punter competition.

Lenny Megliola reports on the Old Time Baseball Game. Luke Meredith keeps it on the down Lowe in the Unsilent Majority.

UPN38 has Red Sox/Mariners at 10:00. (ESPN nationally) CBS has Packers/Browns preseason football at 8:00.