The Globe’s newly revamped online sports pages are still not up and running as of this writing, so we’ll have to carry on without them today. We’ll miss them. Michael Silverman says that the Sox blew a grand chance to leave town with momentum. Paul Kenyon says this series was for the birds. Paul Doyle says starting tonight, the Sox are going to need to be better. Alex Speier says the Sox leave town wounded from these birds of prey. Sean McAdam says the Sox know lies ahead of them, the toughest, most critical part of the schedule. With George Kimball attempting to write a story on Trot Nixon and triples, did Nomar actually tell him “I don’t do interviews on getaway day”? Steve Conroy says the bullpen did its job yesterday, stopping the bleeding after Suppan departed. Yesterday, John Tomase told three anecdotes from the Fenway clubhouse. Conroy says that is the Sox fail to make the playoffs, we’ll be able to point to the Orioles as a big reason. Joe McDonald looks at PawSox pitcher Bronson Arroyo, who pitched a perfect game yesterday. Kimball has a pay column on Suppan’s struggles since rejoining the Red Sox. Silverman’s notebook leads off with trouble on the basepaths for Manny and Trot. Kenyon’s notebook says a switch in uniform numbers didn’t bring Jeff Suppan any better results. Doyle’s notebook leads off with Connecticut day at Fenway.

Brendan Stai’s retirement is the big news from Patriots camp. Kevin Mannix tries to sort out why this is now three years in a row with an offensive tackle retiring in camp. Tom Curran looks at the move and the hole it creates (again) on the line. Alan Greenberg jokingly wonders if Joe Andruzzi is getting some favors from back home in Jersey from Tony Soprano, eliminating the competition. Bill Belichick says in Michael Parente’s piece that they’ve met their quota for training camp retirements and can now move on. Mannix’s notebook says that despite reports to the contrary, Larry Centers is happy to be here with the Patriots. Curran’s notebook says that Faulk’s work with the first team isn’t a reflection on Antowain Smith, rather a reflection on Faulk and the work he’s done.

NESN has Red Sox/A’s at 10:00. ABC has Eagles/Saints preseason football at 8:00