Greg Dickerson filled in for

Greg Dickerson filled in for Dale today, and teamed up with Bob Neumeier to interview former major league player Billy Bean, who came out of the closet after his undistinguished major league career ended. Bean talked about the difficulty of being a closeted gay baseball player. He was married, and didn’t realize his sexuality until his late 20’s, and keeping that quiet was a huge burden upon him. A partner of his, who he dearly loved, died before a game, and Bean had to act like nothing had happened, and go to the game and play. Dickerson asked him if he ever felt attraction to any of his teammates, and Bean answered that he had not, because he was able to keep his professionalism and not look at his teammates in that way. He compared it to the radio hosts running after every hot woman walks through the station. Dickerson said he obviously didn’t know their station, because it happens there all the time. Bean still seems uncomfortable about his situation, and would change it all if he could. Bean is not well thought of in some gay circles, as this article from would attest. They do not approve of having him as their “spokesman”.

Eddie Andelman’s expert draft analysis to Danny Ainge: Take a “big high school kid”. That concludes the Eddie Andelman segment of BSMW for today…

Mike Fine says the Red Sox are facing the pressure right now, with tough times upon them. Steve Britt says its time to cut Grady some slack. Alan Greenwood says that Wakefield’s injury just gives the Sox one more thing to worry about. Rob Bradford says that Kevin Millar hasn’t bought into the “sky is falling” mentality.

Michael Parente and Eric McHugh cover the signing of Mike Cloud. Andy Hart of posts some Patriots and NFL notes.

Mike Loftus says that Mike Sullivan had better be prepared for anything. Tom King hopes Sullivan gets a real chance to run the team. Loftus also says that Sullivan is aiming high with this team. Carmine Frongillo says good luck, coach.

I should also mention that yesterday set a BSMW record for page views in a day. Essentially tripling the previous record.


A huge series against the

A huge series against the Tigers? If you listen to sports radio, you know that’s the word. The Big O told us the Sox must sweep the Tigers, or the season is essentially over. Bob Hohler agrees that these games with the lowly Tigers are critical. Paul Doyle says despite some seat squirming in the ninth, the Tigers were what the Sox needed. Joe McDonald says the Sox did what they needed to do, and got the homestand off to a good start. Jeff Horrigan rightly focuses on the injury to Tim Wakefield, who suffered a lower back strain, as the story of the game. Christopher Price gives us the quick and dirty rundown of the game. Lenny Megliola says that at this point, the Sox will take the wins they can get. Tony Massarotti says there is still a lot of work to do. There’s a difference between winning and playing well, he says, last night the Sox just won. With the recent turmoil surrounding the Sox, you’d think it would all be right in Dan Shaughnessy’s wheelhouse, well, he resists the urge, and instead focuses on someone having an even more miserable time, Tiger’s manager Alan Trammell. He throws a little nostalgia in there as well. Michael Silverman looks at the man who replaced Roger Clemens here in Boston, Steve Avery. Alex Speier has a look at Carlos Pena, still full of promise and trying to get his big league stroke working. He is currently rehabbing at Triple A Toledo. Michael Vega looks at Kevin Millar, who rebounded from a rough first couple at bats to have a couple big hits. Mike Shalin has a similar piece on Millar. Silverman also has a piece on the effort of the bullpen last night, which had its usual up and down evening. Joe Sullivan provides some off the wall observations, mostly Red Sox related. Three out of four notebooks agree that Wakefield’s injury was the top entry. Hohler’s notebook asks if he’ll recover as quickly as he did from the last injury. McDonald’s notebook is rather extensive after the initial bit on Wakefield. Doyle’s notebook has Wakefield at day-today and also reports on the Springsteen concert at Fenway later this year. Horrigan’s notebook focuses on Tigers manager Trammell.

The Bruins finally got around to holding that press conference to introduce their new coach yesterday. Though he’ll be the youngest coach in the NHL, Stephen Harris says the team will be looking to him for stability. Douglas Flynn says that while Sullivan is young and relatively inexperienced, he has what it takes to make himself a success. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at the appointment. Joe McDonald says that the players know that Sullivan will be able to relate to them. Frank Dell’Apa says that will be a change from the Ftorek days, when many of the players weren’t happy about their relationship with the coach. Michael O’Connor looks at Sullivan’s teaching skills, which he says will make him a success as a coach. Jackie MacMullan says that Sullivan’s late season stint with the big club made an impression with the players and other coaches. Harris gets a little player reaction to the appointment. Flynn also says that defense will be the focus of Sullivan’s team. Dupont’s notebook looks at the B’s management holding a cookout for the season ticket holders.

Dennis and Callahan spent much of their morning discussing one of their favorite topics…scumbags who beat their wives. The target today was Sean Burke, pretty much sealing the fact that the Bruins will not trade for the goaltender. Is this an example of the power of the media? For good or bad…I’m not knocking this, so don’t take this as Bruce hating the media again, because frankly, I don’t want the Bruins to deal for Burke, and if this helps make up their minds, then great. But this is an example of the power that the media can have, after a day of trashing a guy all over the airwaves…you know the topic will spill over to other shows…will the Bruins be a bit hesitant to pull the trigger? I think so.

Steve Bulpett says that Chris Wallace may not be a lock to head to Portland after all, and looks at the trade of Darius Songaila to Sacramento for two second picks. Shira Springer looks at the influx of European players into the NBA. In the article, Danny Ainge says he is not caught up in the Euro craze. Mark Murphy has a tiny look at a couple of wing players the Celtics could be interested in. Jon Wallach wonders who most of these guys in the draft are…In the Globe account of the Songaila trade, I had to laugh at this paragraph:

It was the first trade of the Danny Ainge era, and Songaila's agent, Mark Bartelstein, complimented Ainge on facilitating a deal that would allow the forward a better chance at playing in the NBA. The Celtics' roster probably would have been too tight to afford Songaila a spot next season.

Ok, so the Celtics roster will be too tight to fit the player next season, but the Kings won’t be?

Michael Smith and Christopher Price look at the signing on Mike Cloud by the Patriots yesterday.

Jim Baker looks at tonight’s HBO “Real Sports” episode which has a segment on Ted Williams and has a video of Ted stating he wanted his ashes spread in the Florida Keys. Bill Griffith also looks at the HBO production and has a look at the weekend and other media related notes. In Baker’s pay column, he has Greg Anthony talking about fellow UNLV product Marcus Banks, of whom he says is “the best point guard in the draft and one who’ll be a tremendous impact player” Anthony goes on to say that Banks is “a leader who’s strong, cocky and explosive and who could be the steal of the draft.” John Molori talks with a sports media agent, and also looks at HBO’s boxing coverage.

NESN has Red Sox/Tigers at 7:00

Bob Hohler says the Sox

Bob Hohler says the Sox bats are in a collective slump. Jeff Horrigan looks at the unhappy crew as they wrap up their 2-4 road trip. Steven Krasner says that perhaps the silence of the bats yesterday was predictable. David Heuschkel says the Sox have a lot of work to do starting on their homestand tonight. Tony Massarotti says that it simply looked liked a lot of the Sox just took the day off yesterday. Bob Ryan says that while they’re not hitting, the real problem remains the bullpen. Krasner notes that Saturday’s debacle carried its poison over to yesterday. Massarotti catches up with Pedro Martinez, who isn’t going to lash out at the relievers, at least publicly. Hohler’s notebook says its pretty sad when your pitcher is your best looking hitter. Horrigan’s notebook says second guessing by Grady isn’t going to do any good. Krasner’s notebook says that Kim deserved a better fate yesterday. Heuschkel’s notebook has Theo calling out his team a bit.

The Bruins will trot out Mike Sullivan this morning to introduce him as the new head coach. Kevin Paul Dupont says everyone who knows Sullivan seems to have a high opinion of him and his abilities. Stephen Harris notes that instead of filling the major hole they had coming into the weekend, the Bruins added a new hole instead with the trade of Jozef Stumpel. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks at what the Bruins picked up over the weekend in the draft. James Murphy likes the selection of Mark Stuart as the Bruins first round draft pick. Harris’ notebook has some other draft weekend notes, including a hometown kid being drafted by the Bruins.

Shira Springer looks at Jim O’Brien’s thoughts on developing young players. The coach and Danny Ainge seem to have slight differences in opinion when it comes to that topic, but it doesn’t seem to be a big issue. The article also looks at what the Celtics might be looking at in the draft. Mark Murphy looks at some playmakers that the Celtics seem to have their eyes on.

Mike Reiss yesterday said that perhaps the Patriots should part ways with Charlie Weis, if he’s so intent on becoming a head coach, and bring in Tom Coughlin to run the offense for a year.

Howard Bryant’s Boston Uncommon article today (pay access only) looks at the questionable ticket-selling practices used by teams such as the Cubs and the Red Sox. In both cases the practice involves the re-selling of tickets for far above their original value. In the Red Sox case it’s the “SmartFan” Program, used by a number of teams around the league. The killer is the 20% “transaction fee”. He also looks at the simmering rivalry and bad blood between the Red Sox and A’s. Seems the Sox had their eyes on the A’s pitching coach to fill in, and as he is an east coast guy, he was hoping the A’s would allow him to interview. Permission was denied. This adds to the series of incidents between the clubs in recent years. He also honors Larry Doby.

NESN has Red Sox/Tigers at 7:00. ESPN2 has A’s/Rangers at 7:00.

The message board is slowly

The message board is slowly picking up steam, though when I came on this morning I couldn’t open it using Internet Explorer. My Mozilla browser opened it up fine. I think it might be a “cookie” issue, even the board is set to destroy any cookies created once you log off. If you leave yourself logged in and come back, you could possibly have a problem. If you’re unable to get the board at times from Internet Explorer, in your browser, click on Tools>Internet Options. On the “General” tab, click on “Settings”. In the window that opens, click on “View Files”, in the window that opens, delete any files with “ikonboard” or “bostonsportsmedia” in them. Then go back through the menu. Close your browser and open it again.

No has mentioned to me that they’ve had this problem, but I thought I’d put it out there.

I got in too late to transcribe Sports Final & Xtra, though from what I caught of Sports Final there was much if any panel discussion, mainly just short interviews with Payton Manning, Adam Vinatieri and a couple others.

Links are also late this morning, battling a lower grade migraine this morning. I’ll try to get something up soon.

Thanks to all who have and are registering for the board. Once it catches it’s stride, I think it’ll be a unique place.

Well, here goes. I’ve spent

Well, here goes. I’ve spent the last couple days with very little sleep putting together a discussion forum to take the place of the Tagboard. Once the bugs get worked out, I think this will be huge. To provide the best possible experience for everyone, and to ward off the few that always like to ruin things for everyone else, there are some requirements to using the board. Anyone can view and read the board, but to participate, you must register.

1) There will be a one time fee of $10.00 to register for the board. To pay the fee, click on either this Paypal link or this Amazon link. Note: If you use the Amazon method, you must choose to notify me of the payment, so I can see the email address that the payment came from. (more on that in step 3)

2) After making the payment, proceed to the message board to register. (If you pay by Paypal, you’ll automatically be taken to the board, once there, register.)

3) This is MOST important: When registering, you MUST use the email address that you used to make the Paypal or Amazon payment with. This is so your registration can be authenticated. You can choose to hide your email address from other members, so if that is a concern, you can do that during the registration process. There are quite a few other options available to you upon registration, so choose what will work best for you.

4) Your registration will be reviewed before it is approved. If there is a matching payment to the email address provided during registration, it will be approved, and you will be sent an email to that address notifying you that you are now able to post to the board. I reserve the right to deny anyone’s registration and refund their payment to them.

Approval is a manual process, so please keep that in mind. If you register at 3:00 AM, it may take awhile before I get around to approving you…

Hopefully this will work out for all who want to talk about the Boston Sports Media and about Boston Sports in general. Those who have expressed an interest in serving as moderators will be contacted, and if you’re interested in doing so, send email to Feel free to contact me with any other concerns you may have as well.

The Sox got away with

The Sox got away with one on getaway day. Sean McAdam notes the oddities of this series, in which in the impossible became possible almost with each game. Jeff Horrigan says it was the arms that won this one, on a day the bats were silenced. Nick Cafardo says Grady and the Sox were able to find a new way to win a game. David Heuschkel provides a little more of the game action, with more details of events within the game. Tony Massarotti looks at how Derek Lowe was able to get through six innings without having his best stuff and constantly having to work out of jams. Bob Hohler has a piece on Brandon Lyon, who came through in a situation he’s struggled in this season, a non-save situation in a tie game. John Tomase says that Grady Little could learn some valuable lessons if he’d spend some time playing the 1988 version of Nintendo’s RBI Baseball. An entertaining read. Alex Speier looks at how the Hillenbrand trade actually netted the Sox two player, Kim, and Freddy Sanchez, whose flexibility in the field makes him invaluable. Michael Gee in a pay column brings up the recent talk on the airwaves, it’s all been….”Who do the Sox keep, Pedro or Nomar?” for days now. I’m trying not to take too much of his column here, but he concludes the piece with:

Agony's an industry in this town. There are two radio stations that cater to the distraught sports follower. Newspapers are also fond of topics known as ``talkers,'' meaning ``loud argumenters.''

But those of us in my racket couldn't rabblerouse if most of the rabble didn't enjoy it. There are all too many people in this community who'd rather fret about an unknowable future than savor a happy present.

When folks ask me, ``What should we do with Pedro and Nomar?'' my answer is ``Groove on 'em.'' What other point is there to watching ballplayers perform besides one's own fleeting pleasure?

It's discouraging how many New Englanders disagree with that conclusion. Some days it seems Red Sox fans love everything about baseball except the games themselves.

Interesting. There’s a chicken/egg thing that goes on with topics on the air. Are they how the fans feel, or are these topics started and fueled by the hosts, who put the topics out there despite claiming that they let the fans dictate the show? How many times have you heard a host say “We talk about what the callers talk about.”? It was used to rationalize war talk and is used for any other daily agenda that the show might have. Put the hot button topic out there, and the reactionary callers (sports talk callers tend to be reactionary) are going to respond. Then the host can say “We’re just talking about what the callers want to talk about.”. Do all of us worry about who will be on the Sox in 2005? Armageddon could wipe everything out before then. Howard Bryant concludes his five part series on the state of the game with a look at the skepticism of the fans towards the huge numbers and huge contracts. Massarotti looks at the sacrifice bunt laid down by Jason Varitek yesterday and how it reflects well on the Sox catcher that he is willing to do that. He notes that:

it is astonishing to note how many major league players look like a constipated, backpedaling, pass-protecting Bruce Armstrong when asked to put down a bunt.

Nice visual. The bunt is also the lede topic in Cafardo’s notebook. Heuschkel also has it in his notebook. McAdam’s notebook says that Casey Fossum’s recovery is a little behind schedule now. Horrigan’s notebook looks at the resurgence at the plate from Johnny Damon.

A few pieces from the minors…Mike Siciliano has a look at the Lowell Spinners’ Jon DeVries, a grizzled, Crash Davis type player at the age of 20. Chaz Scoggins says some of these players might not be around Lowell for long if they keep playing the way they’ve started. Siciliano also looks at how the new players are quick to play the way Theo and the rest of the Red Sox brass would like them to. Michael Silverman provides a minors notebook, in which he looks at a native New Englander who has returned home and a few other items.

Steve Bulpett reports that the Celtics may soon be saying goodbye to Chris Wallace and assistant coach John Carroll. Kevin Gray looks at NH’s Matt Bonner, who feels very strongly that he will be selected in the draft, likely in the second round. Bonner just wrapped up his collegiate career at the University of Florida. Ray Duckler also has a look at Bonner, and the Celtics are mentioned as a team possibly interested in the 6-10 forward.

Kevin Paul Dupont gets in a few words with Bruins coach-in-waiting Mike Sullivan. Dupont doesn’t expect any announcement until next week. Joe McDonald thinks it could happen today. Stephen Harris looks at the draft and notes this is a year in which hardworking players are going to be valued. Joe Burris looks at a top prospect and local kid in Brian Boyle. Steve Buckley’s pay column is about the Bruins ineptness in officially naming their new coach. A lighthearted bit that probably took him 15 minutes to write.

Michael Felger reports that Charlie Weis has thrown his name into the mix for the University of Washington coaching job.

Mike Shalin says it’s time to end the ACC expansion plans. Miami, Syracuse and B.C. should just back away from the table and say no thanks. Ken Davis looks at Virginia Tech’s interest in joining despite being a part of the Big East lawsuit against the other three schools. Joe Burris says Virginia Tech is just having a wait and see attitude.

Ron Borges looks ahead to the Lennox Lewis – Vitali Klitschko fight tomorrow night.

Michael Smith looks at the rough surroundings in which 400-meter runner Tyree Washington grew up in. Dealing with the Bloods and Crips were a reality for Washington.

Bill Griffith looks ahead to HBO’s coverage of the fight tomorrow night, and has some other items for the weekend. Jim Baker says Joe Amorosino seems to be the favorite to fill Gene Lavanchy’s role, but that personnel instability seems to be a hallmark at WHDH. He also reports that Doug Flutie might be part of a group to bring Arena Football to Boston. John Howell looks at ESPN’s extensive Wimbledon coverage.

UPN38 has Red Sox/Phillies at 7:00. TBS has Braves/Orioles at 7:30.

Dale & Neumy spent a

Dale & Neumy spent a good part of the day in at-times spirited discussion over the Red Sox and strategical moves. Neumy, feeling his oats because of his status as host of the Sunday morning baseball show on the station, insinuated several times that Dale is lacking in baseball knowledge. They went back and forth with each other and with callers on various moves or non-moves made by Grady and the Red Sox.

Yesterday morning on the WWZN morning show, Leo Papile was a guest, and for you Kedrick Brown fans out there…I know it just isn’t me…Leo said Kedrick will again be in the Summer League, and made the comment that Brown is projected as a starter for next year. We’ll see. He also gave the news that Vin Baker’s personal trainer isn’t only working with him, he’s living with him. The trainer will be with Vin every day through September.

Bill Simmons may have set a record for longest ever ramblings column. I’m not complaining.

Clark Booth says that winter is officially over with the end of the NHL and NBA playoffs.

Fox Sports New England has redesigned their web site, with some fresh content. Ed Cossette, creator of the “Bambino’s Curse” blog will have his daily entries published on the new FSNE site. I’m happy for Ed, who is a great guy.

Congrats also go out to the Sons of Sam Horn board, which sometime in the next few days will record its ten millionth visitor since the site was launched five years ago.

As for the Tagboard, perhaps

As for the Tagboard, perhaps it may return at some point, but no guarantees. It’s a bit of a harsh action, taking the whole thing down for the irresponsible and stupid actions of a few. (Hello, “Tom Gordon”) But that’s the only solution I see at the moment. The board was fantastic for allowing on-going discussion of whatever was happening on air at the moment, or debating the merits of different media people. But the negatives were too great, and after receiving a few nasty, threatening emails yesterday, it’s just not worth it to me to keep the tagboard going. As mentioned earlier, I’m looking at other alternatives, and this temporary setback, may even lead to bigger and better things for this site. But for now, after being away all day yesterday and coming back late at night, I was so ashamed of what took place on there, that I’m angry. Thanks for ruining a great thing, “Tom” and buddies. Look here in the next few days for a new way to discuss the Boston Sports Media.

The Dauber comes back to haunt the Sox. He got a little choked up about it talking about it afterwards. David Heuschkel provides probably the most detail on Daubach and the circumstances that led to his departure last winter. Bob Hohler and Jeff Horrigan also focus on Daubach as the centerpiece of their stories. Sean McAdam doesn’t focus on Daubach, rather he points to the silence of the Red Sox bats for the second time in three games as the reason for the loss. Nick Cafardo takes a closer look at Daubach and how he misses Boston. The curse of Tony Massarotti strikes. The same day his article stating Sox starters had not lost a game in June comes out, Wakefield suffers the loss as a starter last night. Tony points out though, that Wake pitched pretty darned good last night. Continuing his five part series, Howard Bryant today looks at the emphasis on offense that has caused pitching to suffer and hitters to turn to any advantage they can to get ahead. In his pay column Steve Buckley has another article on the Boston Braves, he looks at the son of a member of the Braves who has returned to Boston to work, and to umpire little league games. Jimmy Logan’s father, Johnny, made his MLB debut on the 1951 Boston Braves. Massarotti’s second article of the day looks at “interim closer” Brandon Lyon, who really has done nothing to lose the job, he is perfect in save chances and his ERA is a full three runs lower (4.23 to 1.13) in those opportunities. Hohler’s notebook reports that Bobby Howry is done for the season. Horrigan’s notebook also reports on Howry and a couple other items. McAdam’s notebook focuses on Daubach and his emotional night.

While the Bruins still have not managed to organize a press conference to announce Mike Sullivan as head coach, they did manage to raise their ticket prices once again. Kevin Paul Dupont and Stephen Harris report on the price hikes. Russ Conway says the Bruins look foolish for the aborted press conference the other day. Mick Colageo says that the Bruins face much more than just the prospect of needing a new coach this offseason. Douglas Flynn says its hard to get excited about Mike Sullivan being named coach of the Bruins. James Murphy feels Terry O’Reilly would be a better choice. Howard Bryant has a pay column in which he condemns the silence of the Bruins management and lack of communication skills. He compares them to the Red Sox under Dan Duquette. He says things will not get better until the Jacobs regime is out. Dupont’s notebook looks at the hold on the coaching announcement.

Jackie MacMullan looks at the NBA draft, she notes that this is not a draft for instant gratification. Mark Murphy says the Celtics have plenty of options in this draft. Christopher Price takes a look at the Celtics needs and what they might get. Shira Spinger reports that the Celtics have decided not to bring back strength coach Shaun Brown.

Jake Berry looks at what Mike Cloud, in for a Patriots tryout, might be able to do for the team. Tom Curran says there is still no deal for Cloud here, but it may be just a formality.

Mike Shalin and Ken Davis looks at the latest chapter of the ACC/Big East battle. Yesterday, expansion appeared on hold, today, it seems the ACC may invite four schools instead of three.

Bill Griffith reports on Gene Lavanchy leaving channel 7. John Molori had the story in a special email MediaBlitz yesterday, and looks at Lavanchy’s new opportunity mornings at Fox25. Jim Baker in his pay column mentions Joe Amorosino as a possible candidate for promotion to Lavanchy’s old job.

Luke Meredith looks at Jason Kidd dresses and Roger Clemens propensity for saying dumb things.

NESN has Red Sox/White Sox at 2:00 this afternoon.

I’ve had it. The Tagboard

I’ve had it. The Tagboard is gone. I’m working to find another solution to allow discussion of the Boston Sports Media in a much more moderated format. Anyone who might be interested in assisting in serving as a moderator, please email me.