Greg Dickerson filled in for Dale today, and teamed up with Bob Neumeier to interview former major league player Billy Bean, who came out of the closet after his undistinguished major league career ended. Bean talked about the difficulty of being a closeted gay baseball player. He was married, and didn’t realize his sexuality until his late 20’s, and keeping that quiet was a huge burden upon him. A partner of his, who he dearly loved, died before a game, and Bean had to act like nothing had happened, and go to the game and play. Dickerson asked him if he ever felt attraction to any of his teammates, and Bean answered that he had not, because he was able to keep his professionalism and not look at his teammates in that way. He compared it to the radio hosts running after every hot woman walks through the station. Dickerson said he obviously didn’t know their station, because it happens there all the time. Bean still seems uncomfortable about his situation, and would change it all if he could. Bean is not well thought of in some gay circles, as this article from would attest. They do not approve of having him as their “spokesman”.

Eddie Andelman’s expert draft analysis to Danny Ainge: Take a “big high school kid”. That concludes the Eddie Andelman segment of BSMW for today…

Mike Fine says the Red Sox are facing the pressure right now, with tough times upon them. Steve Britt says its time to cut Grady some slack. Alan Greenwood says that Wakefield’s injury just gives the Sox one more thing to worry about. Rob Bradford says that Kevin Millar hasn’t bought into the “sky is falling” mentality.

Michael Parente and Eric McHugh cover the signing of Mike Cloud. Andy Hart of posts some Patriots and NFL notes.

Mike Loftus says that Mike Sullivan had better be prepared for anything. Tom King hopes Sullivan gets a real chance to run the team. Loftus also says that Sullivan is aiming high with this team. Carmine Frongillo says good luck, coach.

I should also mention that yesterday set a BSMW record for page views in a day. Essentially tripling the previous record.