The message board is slowly picking up steam, though when I came on this morning I couldn’t open it using Internet Explorer. My Mozilla browser opened it up fine. I think it might be a “cookie” issue, even the board is set to destroy any cookies created once you log off. If you leave yourself logged in and come back, you could possibly have a problem. If you’re unable to get the board at times from Internet Explorer, in your browser, click on Tools>Internet Options. On the “General” tab, click on “Settings”. In the window that opens, click on “View Files”, in the window that opens, delete any files with “ikonboard” or “bostonsportsmedia” in them. Then go back through the menu. Close your browser and open it again.

No has mentioned to me that they’ve had this problem, but I thought I’d put it out there.

I got in too late to transcribe Sports Final & Xtra, though from what I caught of Sports Final there was much if any panel discussion, mainly just short interviews with Payton Manning, Adam Vinatieri and a couple others.

Links are also late this morning, battling a lower grade migraine this morning. I’ll try to get something up soon.

Thanks to all who have and are registering for the board. Once it catches it’s stride, I think it’ll be a unique place.