Well, here goes. I’ve spent the last couple days with very little sleep putting together a discussion forum to take the place of the Tagboard. Once the bugs get worked out, I think this will be huge. To provide the best possible experience for everyone, and to ward off the few that always like to ruin things for everyone else, there are some requirements to using the board. Anyone can view and read the board, but to participate, you must register.

1) There will be a one time fee of $10.00 to register for the board. To pay the fee, click on either this Paypal link or this Amazon link. Note: If you use the Amazon method, you must choose to notify me of the payment, so I can see the email address that the payment came from. (more on that in step 3)

2) After making the payment, proceed to the message board to register. (If you pay by Paypal, you’ll automatically be taken to the board, once there, register.)

3) This is MOST important: When registering, you MUST use the email address that you used to make the Paypal or Amazon payment with. This is so your registration can be authenticated. You can choose to hide your email address from other members, so if that is a concern, you can do that during the registration process. There are quite a few other options available to you upon registration, so choose what will work best for you.

4) Your registration will be reviewed before it is approved. If there is a matching payment to the email address provided during registration, it will be approved, and you will be sent an email to that address notifying you that you are now able to post to the board. I reserve the right to deny anyone’s registration and refund their payment to them.

Approval is a manual process, so please keep that in mind. If you register at 3:00 AM, it may take awhile before I get around to approving you…

Hopefully this will work out for all who want to talk about the Boston Sports Media and about Boston Sports in general. Those who have expressed an interest in serving as moderators will be contacted, and if you’re interested in doing so, send email to bruce@bostonsportsmedia.com Feel free to contact me with any other concerns you may have as well.