Dale & Neumy spent a good part of the day in at-times spirited discussion over the Red Sox and strategical moves. Neumy, feeling his oats because of his status as host of the Sunday morning baseball show on the station, insinuated several times that Dale is lacking in baseball knowledge. They went back and forth with each other and with callers on various moves or non-moves made by Grady and the Red Sox.

Yesterday morning on the WWZN morning show, Leo Papile was a guest, and for you Kedrick Brown fans out there…I know it just isn’t me…Leo said Kedrick will again be in the Summer League, and made the comment that Brown is projected as a starter for next year. We’ll see. He also gave the news that Vin Baker’s personal trainer isn’t only working with him, he’s living with him. The trainer will be with Vin every day through September.

Bill Simmons may have set a record for longest ever ramblings column. I’m not complaining.

Clark Booth says that winter is officially over with the end of the NHL and NBA playoffs.

Fox Sports New England has redesigned their web site, with some fresh content. Ed Cossette, creator of the “Bambino’s Curse” blog will have his daily entries published on the new FSNE site. I’m happy for Ed, who is a great guy.

Congrats also go out to the Sons of Sam Horn board, which sometime in the next few days will record its ten millionth visitor since the site was launched five years ago.