Even with the rainout, the Red Sox reporters manage to crank out plenty of stories. To me that is impressive, as you’ve got to be able to come up with the story lines and write the stories in a fairly short window of time. That’s not to say all the stories are great: “Was it rain, or more of a mist?”, but when there’s a game, you know what you’re writing about, when the game is canceled, you still need to put something in the paper for the next day. Of course, since it was raining all day, they likely had an inkling that there would be no game and thus prepared accordingly. There were a couple things going yesterday that lent themselves to stories as well, with the Sosa incident and the MLB draft. Gordon Edes writes about Sammy Sosa and the corked bat. He notes that Manny was so shocked at hearing about it, he approached a reporter to inquire for more details. (a tagboard poster provided a link to an article on The Physics of Baseball..which goes into corked bats some.) There was also news on Pedro, and not encouraging news at that. Looks like he’s healing slowly. Karen Guregian says the earliest we’ll see Pedro is next week at Fenway. She writes a second column, telling us there’s no need to rush him back. Bob Hohler notes that neither Pedro nor the club want to rush things and that even when Pedro can pitch again, it will only be a few innings, with another pitcher lined up to go behind him. Michael Silverman looks at the Red Sox/Pirates matchup having to wait another day. Sean McAdam notes the rain was very light throughout the night, but they didn’t want to start the game in any rain. David Heuschkel looks at the rainout pushing back Kim’s first start with the Sox and what that could mean for his next scheduled start, which would only be on three days rest. Bob Halloran speaks to those who think they could manage the Red Sox better than Grady Little. Edes has a bit of the one-on-one interview with Derek Lowe that will air on the Globe SportsPlus tonight. Edes’ notebook looks at the weather, and the promotion of Hector Almonte. A bit of confusion as Edes says the Sox sent Matt White –a Rule 5 draftee– to Pawtucket, while Horrigan’s notebook clarifies the matter saying White was designated for assignment, and that the Indians (and all other clubs) will have an opportunity to claim him in the next ten days. McAdam also gets the White matter correct in his notebook.

As for the draft, Bob Hohler looks at the selections made by the Sox and at their top pick. Sean McAdam says it was a minor surprise that the Sox focused on position players with a majority of their early picks. Michael Silverman looks at the early picks as well. Alex Speier looks at the selection of David Murphy by the Sox as their top pick. Aaron Harlan looks at Peabody’s Jeff Allison going to the Marlins. Dan Ventura has a similar piece for the Herald, though a little more in depth. Lenny Megliola looks at another local kid who did not end up getting selected, but who has a scholarship for LSU lined up instead.

Kevin Paul Dupont looks at ticket prices changes for the Bruins, and a look at the coaching and goaltending situations. Douglas Flynn looks at the Islanders firing Peter Laviolette yesterday. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks at what Steve Thomas has brought to the Ducks.

Steve Bulpett reports on the draft preparation being done by Danny Ainge and the Celtics and looks a few players they’re impressed with. Peter May looks at the NBA Finals getting under way…at long last. Mark Murphy looks at Jason Kidd getting a second chance in the NBA Finals. Jim Donaldson has a look at former NBA referee and MLB umpire Jim Duffy. Murphy’s notebook has the Nets looking to Kenyon Martin to cover Duncan. Murphy also writes the Steve Kerr is looking to get a ring with a second team after winning with the Bulls…Kerr was on the Spurs team that won the title during the lockout season…

Kevin Mannix looks at rookie receiver Bethel Johnson trying to get up to speed before mini-camp and training camp.

Jackie MacMullan has a piece on the Boston Breakers’ Maren Meinert, who brought to the team as a “throw in” while trying to acquire a bigger name player, but Meinert has become the “Larry Bird” of the league.

NESN has the Red Sox/Pirates doubleheader starting at 5:00 this afternoon. ABC has Nets/Spurs at 8:30. ESPN has Yankees/Reds at 7:00. ESPN2 has Rangers/Braves at 7:00.