Sammy Sosa talk has dominated the airwaves after a second straight day of no Red Sox game. Dan Shaughnessy railed against Sosa integrity, (interesting tact considering who he sits next to everyday) and said this calls into question Sosa’s Hall of Fame credentials. Eddie Andelman agreed. Rick Reilly of SI, who has had a long running feud with Sosa, was on Dale & Neumy, clearly enjoying the situation.

Mike Fine says the Sox got players they wanted out of the draft, and has a look at a few of the top choices. Rob Bradford looks back at a couple of other local kids drafted 19 years ago. Rickey says Rickey had a good game in Nashua yesterday, as reported by Tom King. Rooting against the Sox? Gary Fitz tells us about a guy who revels in it, this guy really enjoys the misery of the Sox.

Bill Simmons is pumped and jacked for the NBA Finals. An old-time effort by Simmons, with 3400+ words making up this piece. He loses me though, with this line: “It’s impossible to dislike this Nets team.” Still, an enjoyable column. Chad Finn provides a Celtics satire as to what might’ve happened had those ping pong balls landed right in 1997. Too painful to read, almost.

Mike Loftus speculates if the firing of Peter Laviolette will effect the Bruins coaching search at all.