The Globe’s Michael Smith was a guest on WWZN’s afternoon show with Butch Stearns and Jimmy Dunn. Smith confirmed that he did indeed request not to go to Toronto last weekend. He said he made the request and it was “graciously” granted by his employer. He added something to the effect that each person has to live their own life and be responsible for it. He then said if anyone thinks they can do his job better, they’re welcome to go to the Globe and try. He says he wears size 13, so hopefully that person can fill his shoes.

That last bit is straight out of a Dan Shaughnessy email response. A common tactic by Shaughnessy when someone sends him a critical email is to tell them that they are welcome to go and apply for his job. He usually adds some jab that he’s sure that you are at the top of your field just like he is in his…

I don’t have a problem with Smith’s decision not to go to Toronto. A lot of people are staying away from there.

A few features on the Red Sox and Pirates meeting for the first time in a 100 years. Alex Speier has a special feature for the Standard Times. Out in Pittsburgh, they’ve been doing a series on that matchup. Shelly Anderson of the Post-Gazette has done a three part series. On Sunday, Anderson looked at the similarity in the game between 1903 and 2003. On Monday, the focus was on the first World Series, and how the Pirates got off to a quick start in that new format, finally, today’s article looks at how Boston rallied to win the series.