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First, as far as the tagboard, I don’t know what’s going on. I haven’t made any changes to it, so it appears the company who runs the service might be messing around with something. I have an inquiry into the situation.

Could Nomar be emerging from his almost season long struggles? 15 game hitting streak and two consecutive nights of game winning extra basehits are encouraging. Hopefully Nomar can bury the “Garciapopup” nickname that is circulating. Jeff Horrigan reports on Nomar and the Sox winning two in a row from the Rangers. The other story of the night was another win for Casey Fossum. David Heuschkel says Fossum is happy to have gotten off to a good start and heading off the Colon comparisons. Bob Hohler also makes Fossum and his non-trade for Colon the lede in his game story. Lenny Megliola uses Fossum as the focus of his story, and notes that it’s possible the Red Sox could be in first place when the Yankees make their first appearance in town. Who would’ve thought that was possible? Sean McAdam says this was just a good solid win. No late inning dramatics needed. Alex Speier seems relieved at the lack of the heart in the throat ending. Howard Bryant tells us that Roger Clemens may not even get the chance to go for # 300 here in Boston. The Yankees may choose to give him an extra days rest and allow him to go for the milestone at Yankee Stadium instead. Nick Cafardo says that ARod loves Boston, and had Nomar not already been here, Boston would’ve been at the top of his list for places to play. Mike Port in the article says the Sox did express some interest in the superstar. Michael Silverman gives us a little more on the Sox hottest pitcher, Fossum. Michael Vega looks at Robert Person’s return to the big leagues. Silverman also rehashes the story of Texas infielder Mark Teixeira, who became the poster boy a few years ago for Peter Gammons and others who would point out how badly Dan Duquette and his staff handled people and negotiations. Buddy Thomas worries about the “impending breakdown” of the Red Sox. Anyone who finds an original thought in that column is urged to report it to me immediately. Heuschkel’s notebook looks further at the Red Sox debut of Person, Horrigan’s notebook reports that Jeremy Giambi is suffering from a sore wrist, preventing him from following up his hot night in Minnesota. McAdam’s notebook says Pedro will not be on a pitch count tonight, but he will be monitored closely. Hohler’s notebook says Pedro may be returning to “wonderland”.

Vote of confidence, or kiss of death? How to interpret word from Danny Ainge that he will not be seeking to trade Antoine Walker, that is the question. He also wants to extend coach Jim O’Brien’s contract, but Chris Collins on NECN was reporting all night last night that there are some hard feelings by O’Brien towards the new Celtics owners. He feels he’s been “disrespected” by them, citing his being left totally in the dark on the Vin Baker suspension, and even little things, like his reserved parking spot, he says many days he’ll come in to find one of the new owners vehicles parked in the spot. Also, the contracts of the assistant coaches have not been renewed yet either. Shira Springer has the story on Ainge’s proclamations yesterday. Mark Murphy has a look, not just at Ainge’s words yesterday, but at the breakup lunch the team had, with quotes from Walker and Pierce, and also word from Walker’s meeting with Ainge, which left the cocaptain feeling much more secure about his place with the franchise. Springer also reports on Walker’s meeting with Ainge, and looks at just how thoroughly enmeshed in the franchise that Antoine has become. Not even a week into Ainge’s tenure, and Peter May is already comparing his performance to Chris Wallace. May says that Ainge is wrong if he doesn’t at least investigate the possibility of trading Walker. He does say that Ainge is correct in trying to retain O’Brien. Steve Bulpett reports on Wallace being on Portland’s short list of GM candidates.

Jeff Jacobs weighs in on the Big East/ACC tug of war. Bill Reynolds says the surprise is not that the Big East could be in trouble, but that it has lasted this long. Mike Shalin looks at the Big East fighting for its life, and says BC may have no choice but to jump to the ACC if a spot is offered. Mark Blaudschun reports on the Big East preparing to counter the ACC challenge.

The Inside Track tells us that those tagboard rumors of a Ted Sarandis suspension are indeed true. Teddy gets two weeks for taking off early on the night the Celtics were eliminated. Sarandis leaving early is nothing new. I used to be on the road evenings a lot, and I remember clearly that the last segment of Ted Nation would almost always be a replay of an earlier segment of the show. The Media Blitz article by John Molori is on-line, and it’s a somewhat condensed version from the one that was sent to his email list. But you can read about Eddie helping many hockey players out of debt, and his thoughts on WEEI, Bob Ryan, and his sons. He leaves out the bit I quoted earlier in the week about Michael Andelman. In his Unsilent Majority column, Luke Meredith explores topics like lizard head salads at Applebees, (tied to Danny Ainge’s press conference, no less.) and Mo Vaughn being missing.

Karen Guregian looks at how Annika Sorenstam is handling the controversy of her playing in the Colonial. For all the talk about athletes in team sports coming off as whining, spoiled jerks, can anyone top how pro golfers act when they feel threatened? Remember the grousing when Tiger was making his ascension? How about when Casey Martin petitioned to be able to use a cart on tour? What a bunch of elitist, sniveling babies there are on that tour. The superstars of the tour, who are a bit more secure about themselves, generally behave a bit better, Tiger and David Duval are two who have come off fairly well this week.

Phrases I’m sick of hearing on WEEI:

  • binky

  • How’s that working out for you?

  • Thrown under the bus

Seems like you can’t get through five minutes on that station without one of those phrases being used. Feel free to submit your own pet peeve WEEI phrase.

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in the weekend Fund Drive. It was a smashing success. Depending on how things go, maybe I’ll just run a similar thing a few times a year, next time likely in the middle of the week to get more traffic. What I might do in the next few days is move the donation buttons to the FAQ/About page, and then just move them to main page during “drives” to keep this main page a little less cluttered. We’ll see.

NESN has Red Sox/Rangers at 7:00. ABC has Lakers/Spurs at 8:00. ESPN has Kings/Mavs at 10:30. ESPN also has Senators/Devils at 7:00.

Advertisements and the Globe website and the Globe website are back up this morning. The Union Leader has a report on the outage, which also effected its own web page.

Late inning Sox comebacks are becoming as dependable as death, taxes, John Burkett tiring in the sixth inning and Dan Shaughnessy columns about Carl Everett. Some things you can just depend on. Fairly tame from the CHB. (He even acknowledges that nickname in the article.) He lets Carl’s own words do the talking this time, with just a few insertions from Danny boy here and there. Shaughnessy has a different take on Everett’s comments on race in Boston, He compares the comments to Byron Scott’s, while Michael Silverman says Everett’s comments were just dancing around the race card. Everett got booed loudly each time he came to plate last night, but I had to applaud in tribute to the guy who coined the best media nickname of our generation. I don’t hate you Carl. I appreciated his game, his hustle, his intensity. He’s right that Boston is not the place for him to play. The scrutiny here is too much for him. He couldn’t handle it. Shaughnessy is right about Everett not taking any responsibility for how things turned out here. As for the game itself, Bob Hohler wants to dub them with the clever nickname of the Comeback Kids. The headline of Jeff Horrigan’s article does call them the Comeback Kids. Steven Krasner says these late inning rallies are just becoming commonplace. David Heuschkel notes that despite all the attention given to it, it’s not just the Red Sox bullpen that is getting scored on almost every night in Sox games. Christopher Price wraps up the game stories with his coverage in the Metro. Silverman also reports on the sixth inning woes of last night’s starter John Burkett becoming a pattern. Karen Guregian looks at newly activated Robert Person. She wonders if he will be the Sox savior. Kevin Gray says that Person is eager to prove his worth to the team. Steven Krasner has another look at Person, looking to just come in and help out the team. Since Person has many times been mentioned as a possible candidate to be the closer with this team, Sean McAdam looks at the guy who has been coming into his own in the role, Brandon Lyon, who notched his 5th save of the season last night. Nick Cafardo looks at big plays by the superstar shortstops last night. Mike Shalin has a look at Rafael Palmeiro, having hit the 500th home run of his career, just continues to sail along in his career, without a whole lot of fan fare. Cafardo has a similar look at Palmeiro. In this week’s Hench’s Hardball, he says that Red Sox fans are critical because they’re an educated group. Michael Smith has a section of his 1-1 interview with Tim Wakefield, the full interview will air on the Globe SportsPlus. Horrigan’s notebook reports on Person being missing no longer, Krasner’s notebook says Pedro is a go for his next start on Thursday, and Heuschkel’s notebook also reports on Pedro, Grady Little wouldn’t say if Pedro will be on a pitch count or not. Hohler’s notebook says Person would rather start than finish.

Still plenty of Celtics articles. Peter May gives us a player by player breakdown of the roster, telling us who should stay and who should go. Pretty good job by May, though he also gives us the obligatory shot by the Globe at the new owners. Apparently partner Steve Pagliuca has legally changed his name to “Steve Pagliuca who played freshman basketball at Duke.” Steve Bulpett hands out grades for the Celtics in a season ending report card. He also comes out of the closet as a Kedrick Brown fan. Way to go, Steve. Gerry Callahan in his pay column uses the entire piece to knock the owners for the timing of the Ainge hiring and press conference, which he says should be happening today. Jackie MacMullan makes a compelling case for keeping Antoine here in Boston. She also suggests that the Celtics go after Juwan Howard with the mid-level exemption. Mark Murphy says Walker wants to come back, and wants the guys around him to come back as well. Carolyn Thornton notes that the players, while realizing there will be changes, don’t want a complete overhaul. Jerry Trecker says the Celtics have some very definite needs. Christopher Price looks ahead to the offseason, noting rest for Pierce and Walker should be a priority. Shira Springer looks at the ups and downs of the season. Rich Thompson looks at the busy offseason that JR Bremer has planned. Springer’s notebook looks at the players rallying for Antoine to stay.

Mark Blaudschun and Mike Shalin report on the proposed ACC expansion to include Miami, Syracuse and likely BC, although Virginia Tech is a possibility as well.

Michael Felger has a quick report on the Patriots having free agent linebacker Don Davis in for a visit.

NESN has Rangers/Red Sox at 7:00. FSNE has Revolution/Wizards at 8:00. TNT has Sixers/Pistons at 8:00, ESPN has Wild/Mighty Ducks at 9:00. ESPN2 has Yankees/Angels at 7:00 and Dodgers/Braves at 10:00.

Bill Simmons weighs in on

Bill Simmons weighs in on the Bob Ryan incident and gives us his own example of speaking without thinking, trying to say something outrageous.

Del Jones says trading Antoine is not the answer. Mike Fine says this team just wasn’t as good as the edition from last year. Rob Bradford adds that they are a good team, but just not quite good enough. Jason Kidd claims in the final sentence that his buzzer beating three was just instinct, it wasn’t meant as a slap to the city of Boston. Yeah right. Jim Fenton says an ending like this was almost inevitable. Gary Fitz notes that next year starts today for the Celtics.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel has a feature on former Patriot Terrell Buckley. Quite a bit of stuff from his days with the Patriots and the Super Bowl in there.

Well, perhaps it’s better this

Well, perhaps it’s better this way. By a sweep, the Celtics weaknesses and needs are even more glaringly showcased. Had they won a couple games, perhaps people would’ve reasoned that they’re not all that far away and just need some minor tweaks here and there. This way, everyone knows they need a lot of help. Most people calling into sports radio and on the airwaves already have Antoine Walker ridden out of town on a rail. Even Glenn Ordway thinks Walker is likely on his way out. Steve Buckley on the Big Show wants to know who is going to be out of here first, Antoine or Nomar. Ordway demonstrated the tough spot that the Celtics are in by his own comments on the matter, he went back and forth from Ainge needs to make a big risky move, to Ainge can’t make a big risky move because of the cap to Ainge needs to blow it up, sink the ship and start over by aiming for a number one overall pick somewhere down the line. Dan, who was calling in from Real, a site Ordway was mentioning all day, enlightened the crew with a scenario in which the Celtics could obtain a high priced free agent via the sign and trade route. In this case it was point guard Andre Miller of the Clippers, who has been rumored to be heading to Utah, where he played college ball and Stockton has retired, leaving a salary cap slot there. In the Celtics scenario, if the Celtics could agree to get Miller to come here, they could offer the Clippers Eric Williams (in the last year of his deal) their 2 Million dollar trade exemption, a few million in cash and a first round draft pick in exchange for the re-signed Miller. That type of thing is what the Celtics would need to do to get someone of impact.

In wrapping up the game, Steve Bulpett says that this season was over last summer. Jerry Trecker says the Celtics ran out of gas in OT, and that’s when Martin and Kidd took the game over. Carolyn Thornton writes about the final, valiant effort of the season by the Celtics. Christopher Price looks at only the second four game sweep in Celtics history. Shira Springer concludes the game stories. Lenny Megliola examines the game, series, season and future, concluding himself personally that Pierce and Walker will both be back next year. Mark Murphy looks at Antoine after the game, reflective, hopeful that he and the other core guys can remain together. Peter May also looks at the rough ending for Antoine, notices Cedric Maxwell consoling him afterwards and looks to the future. Jeff Jacobs wonders if Ainge will be getting rid of Walker, -a huge risk if he does. Dan Shaughnessy relishes the loss, looks forward to the trade Antoine talk, takes his obligatory shots at the new Celtic owners and throws in as an afterthought that the Celtics did play hard. Howard Bryant looks at how Jason Kidd outplayed Paul Pierce last night, and put the Celtics away. Kevin McNamara looks at the solid job the Celtics role players did last night, albeit in a losing effort. Dan Ventura focuses specifically on the job done by Tony Delk last night. John Powers looks at a gimpy, sore and exhausted Paul Pierce after the game. Rich Thompson says that -surprise- the players want O’Brien to stay. Mark Blaudschun looks inside the jubilant NJ locker room after the game. Richard Jefferson still talking about the crowd being “mean” to poor Jason. Bill Reynolds tells us that the Celtics went as far as heart would take them, after all, he says, “in the end, talent trumps pride.” Tell that to the Rams and Patriots…Nick Cafardo says the Celtics just didn’t have enough in the overtime to get it done. Murphy’s second article of the day looks at Ainge’s lengthy “to-do listPeter May looks at the uncommon result for the Celtics…getting swept is something this franchise just isn’t used to. Michael Gee’s pay column says the Celtics would be stupid to get rid of Walker. He points to how the team played last night after Antoine fouled out as evidence to how much the team relies on him. That may be true, but the bigger picture is if Walker fits in with the long term picture that Ainge has in mind for the team. Bulpett’s notebook has Chris Wallace sounding like someone who will quickly bolt here if another offer comes along. Thornton’s notebook looks at the positive reception that Antoine got from the fans last night. Springer’s notebook looks at how injuries to Pierce and Battie, along with Walker’s fouling out, really hurt the Celtics in OT.

Gordon Edes has a look at Bill Mueller, how his hot start is gratifying for all that he’s been through in his career. Could a batting title be in his future? Dusty Baker once predicted Mueller would win one in his career. Mueller seems to be one of those guys no one has a bad word to say about. Jeff Horrigan looks ahead to the homestand, wondering if the Sox are disappointed Rafael Palmeiro didn’t get a chance to hit his 500th home run here. We know Buckley’s disappointed. Steven Krasner looks at the Sox ready to finally spend an extended period of time at home. David Heuschkel looks at the Red Sox new found love of the small ball style of play. Even Manny has caught on to the style, and Heuschkel cites a couple incidents where Manny has gotten the Sox a run just on smart base running and hustle:

Two weeks ago in Anaheim, Ramirez's base running was impressive. He got hit by a pitch and advanced to second on a pitch that bounced just a few feet away from the catcher, who didn't attempt a throw. Ramirez moved to third on a fly out to center, just beating the throw with a feet-first slide. He scored on a single by Shea Hillenbrand.

Saturday in Minnesota, Ramirez scored from third on a heads-up play in the eighth that helped the Red Sox win their seventh game of the season when trailing after six innings. He tagged up on a shallow fly to center, then broke for home when Torii Hunter's throw bounced away from the catcher about 10 feet or so in front of the plate.

I’m glad someone pointed that out. I’m preserving these quotes for later use. We’ll call them evidence. Keeping on the positive vein, Jon Wallach says there is a lot to like about this team, he also acknowledges:

Finally, it is time to give Theo Epstein a big pat on the back for not trading Casey Fossum in a package for Bartolo Colon when he had the chance (A deal, by the way that I was screaming for). Fossum is 3-1 this season with an ERA of 4.38. He has walked 16 and struck out 30. Colon is 3-3, with an ERA of 4.23, and has walked 18 and struck-out 34. He has also pitched 16 more innings.


Celtics playing for pride tonight.

Celtics playing for pride tonight. Jackie MacMullan says don’t hate the Nets, they’re a wonderful team and great group of guys. Sorry Jackie, I hate the Nets. I can’t even grudgingly admire them, especially when the New York media is saying things like this bit from Mike Vaccaro on Saturday:

This is why the Nets are going back to the NBA Finals. This is why they are so clearly the class of the Eastern Conference, alone on an island, so far ahead of the rest of the field that it almost seems a shame they actually should be forced to play the requisite games to qualify.

Can you imagine anyone in Boston writing that sentence about any team here? I think not. No thank you, I’ll continue to hate NJ and the Nets…goodness knows we have enough reason to hate those swamps. The Patriots got eliminated from the playoffs when the New York Jets, playing at the Meadowlands in NJ won their last game, the Bruins got knocked out by the NJ Devils, playing next door, and it looks like the Celtics will be knocked out playing the Nets, who reside in the same building. But who’s counting? Mark Murphy says the Celtics mantra today is to just keep it simple. Kevin McNamara says the Celtics are bravely just looking at this as another huge challenge. Shira Springer says golly, a win sure would be swell for these Celtics. Steve Bulpett says that the Celtics have to take some of the blame for fan behavior, since they trash talk, and that the fans tonight have a chance to avoid further damaging their reputation…they should cheer the Nets if they win. Jerry Trecker notes that while the Celtics may fall, we’ve seen the rise of Paul Pierce into the elite of the NBA in these playoffs. Mark Blaudschun looks at the Nets hoping to take care of business and close out the series tonight. Rich Thompson says tonights game rests on the shoulders of Antoine Walker, who needs to not only overcome his own bad play, but the incident with Stewart Berg as well. I realize that there may be more than one Stewart Berg in Newton, but I wonder if he’s the same guy who claimed to have been assaulted by a “gang” of bicycle couriers in downtown Boston a few years ago. If it is the same guy, I wonder if his mouth got him in trouble in that instance, too. (note: apparently he is the same guy, someone mentioned that in an article over the weekend, I missed it.) Christopher Price says that the Celtics are in need of some old fashioned Celtic luck. Bill Reynolds wishes he could be Joumana Kidd…he loves Jason too. Thompson also writes that Pierce is striving to remain positive despite the high odds stacked against the Celtics. Michael Gee’s pay column looks at fan booing, and Stewart Berg, he writes:

Stewart Berg, 42, of Newton, got into a beef with Walker, several of the Celtic co-captain's friends, and FleetCenter security in the waning moments of Boston's 94-76 loss to the Nets on Friday night. As a good American, Berg is doubtless preparing to sue the pants off all those other parties.

Do you know what it costs to have a Fleet seat close enough to the Celts' bench for Walker to hear you? Berg has spent a fortune that could have been better employed on Jack Daniels, a personal lingerie model, therapy, or all of the above - just to be a nasty annoyance to anyone within earshot.

What for? Let's assume this clown loves the Celtics and wants them to win. How does it help his team to harass a slumping star whose major on-court psychological problem is caring too much and trying too hard when things go wrong?

Watch it Michael, he might sue you (and me) too. Calling him a clown…is that crossing a line? Springer’s notebook says Pierce’s leg is feeling a bit better. Murphy’s notebook looks at the Celtics not being affected by the Ainge hiring.

Another thrilling Sox comeback falls just short. Michael Smith reports on the Sox not going down until the very end. Jeff Horrigan looks at Derek Lowe’s road woes continuing. Steven Krasner also looks at the comeback that fell just short of bailing out Lowe. David Heuschkel has Grady Little wanting to pin the blame on the carpet at the Metrodome rather than Lowe’s performance. Gordon Edes has a further look at Derek Lowe and his struggles away from Fenway. Pat Borzi looks at Brandon Lyon, the closer of the moment. George Kimball looks at Jeremy Giambi, who had a breakout night at the plate last night, but in a losing effort. Borzi also has a look at the last play of the game, where the first baseman was pulled off the bag…it appears the ump made the correct call. Yesterday’s Baseball Notes, by Gordon Edes looked at Mo Vaughn’s struggles since leaving Boston. It’s interesting how everyone in the media loves to slam Dan Duquette for letting Clemens go, but he was dead right in not giving Mo what he wanted. Edes doesn’t mention that, I heard someone mention it on the radio recently, but otherwise it’s a quiet story. Horrigan’s notebook says that Robert Person is likely to be called up in time for tomorrow night’s game. The Globe notebook says John Burkett doesn’t have to worry about giving up home run # 500 to Rafael Palmeiro tomorrow night, as the milestone has already been reached. Heuschkel’s notebook also looks at the milestone, while Krasner’s notebook looks at Giambi settling in at the plate.

Worth reading is yesterday’s article by Ron Borges on Patriots fullback Fred McCrary. A fascinating look at the former prison guard. Great job by Borges. Tom Curran today has an article on running back Derek Watson, likely here on a “one strike and you’re out” plan.

TNT has Celtics/Nets at 8:00. ESPN has Mighty Ducks/Wild at 7:30. TBS & ESPN2 have Braves/Dodgers at 10:00.

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