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Could Nomar be emerging from his almost season long struggles? 15 game hitting streak and two consecutive nights of game winning extra basehits are encouraging. Hopefully Nomar can bury the “Garciapopup” nickname that is circulating. Jeff Horrigan reports on Nomar and the Sox winning two in a row from the Rangers. The other story of the night was another win for Casey Fossum. David Heuschkel says Fossum is happy to have gotten off to a good start and heading off the Colon comparisons. Bob Hohler also makes Fossum and his non-trade for Colon the lede in his game story. Lenny Megliola uses Fossum as the focus of his story, and notes that it’s possible the Red Sox could be in first place when the Yankees make their first appearance in town. Who would’ve thought that was possible? Sean McAdam says this was just a good solid win. No late inning dramatics needed. Alex Speier seems relieved at the lack of the heart in the throat ending. Howard Bryant tells us that Roger Clemens may not even get the chance to go for # 300 here in Boston. The Yankees may choose to give him an extra days rest and allow him to go for the milestone at Yankee Stadium instead. Nick Cafardo says that ARod loves Boston, and had Nomar not already been here, Boston would’ve been at the top of his list for places to play. Mike Port in the article says the Sox did express some interest in the superstar. Michael Silverman gives us a little more on the Sox hottest pitcher, Fossum. Michael Vega looks at Robert Person’s return to the big leagues. Silverman also rehashes the story of Texas infielder Mark Teixeira, who became the poster boy a few years ago for Peter Gammons and others who would point out how badly Dan Duquette and his staff handled people and negotiations. Buddy Thomas worries about the “impending breakdown” of the Red Sox. Anyone who finds an original thought in that column is urged to report it to me immediately. Heuschkel’s notebook looks further at the Red Sox debut of Person, Horrigan’s notebook reports that Jeremy Giambi is suffering from a sore wrist, preventing him from following up his hot night in Minnesota. McAdam’s notebook says Pedro will not be on a pitch count tonight, but he will be monitored closely. Hohler’s notebook says Pedro may be returning to “wonderland”.

Vote of confidence, or kiss of death? How to interpret word from Danny Ainge that he will not be seeking to trade Antoine Walker, that is the question. He also wants to extend coach Jim O’Brien’s contract, but Chris Collins on NECN was reporting all night last night that there are some hard feelings by O’Brien towards the new Celtics owners. He feels he’s been “disrespected” by them, citing his being left totally in the dark on the Vin Baker suspension, and even little things, like his reserved parking spot, he says many days he’ll come in to find one of the new owners vehicles parked in the spot. Also, the contracts of the assistant coaches have not been renewed yet either. Shira Springer has the story on Ainge’s proclamations yesterday. Mark Murphy has a look, not just at Ainge’s words yesterday, but at the breakup lunch the team had, with quotes from Walker and Pierce, and also word from Walker’s meeting with Ainge, which left the cocaptain feeling much more secure about his place with the franchise. Springer also reports on Walker’s meeting with Ainge, and looks at just how thoroughly enmeshed in the franchise that Antoine has become. Not even a week into Ainge’s tenure, and Peter May is already comparing his performance to Chris Wallace. May says that Ainge is wrong if he doesn’t at least investigate the possibility of trading Walker. He does say that Ainge is correct in trying to retain O’Brien. Steve Bulpett reports on Wallace being on Portland’s short list of GM candidates.

Jeff Jacobs weighs in on the Big East/ACC tug of war. Bill Reynolds says the surprise is not that the Big East could be in trouble, but that it has lasted this long. Mike Shalin looks at the Big East fighting for its life, and says BC may have no choice but to jump to the ACC if a spot is offered. Mark Blaudschun reports on the Big East preparing to counter the ACC challenge.

The Inside Track tells us that those tagboard rumors of a Ted Sarandis suspension are indeed true. Teddy gets two weeks for taking off early on the night the Celtics were eliminated. Sarandis leaving early is nothing new. I used to be on the road evenings a lot, and I remember clearly that the last segment of Ted Nation would almost always be a replay of an earlier segment of the show. The Media Blitz article by John Molori is on-line, and it’s a somewhat condensed version from the one that was sent to his email list. But you can read about Eddie helping many hockey players out of debt, and his thoughts on WEEI, Bob Ryan, and his sons. He leaves out the bit I quoted earlier in the week about Michael Andelman. In his Unsilent Majority column, Luke Meredith explores topics like lizard head salads at Applebees, (tied to Danny Ainge’s press conference, no less.) and Mo Vaughn being missing.

Karen Guregian looks at how Annika Sorenstam is handling the controversy of her playing in the Colonial. For all the talk about athletes in team sports coming off as whining, spoiled jerks, can anyone top how pro golfers act when they feel threatened? Remember the grousing when Tiger was making his ascension? How about when Casey Martin petitioned to be able to use a cart on tour? What a bunch of elitist, sniveling babies there are on that tour. The superstars of the tour, who are a bit more secure about themselves, generally behave a bit better, Tiger and David Duval are two who have come off fairly well this week.

Phrases I’m sick of hearing on WEEI:

  • binky

  • How’s that working out for you?

  • Thrown under the bus

Seems like you can’t get through five minutes on that station without one of those phrases being used. Feel free to submit your own pet peeve WEEI phrase.

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in the weekend Fund Drive. It was a smashing success. Depending on how things go, maybe I’ll just run a similar thing a few times a year, next time likely in the middle of the week to get more traffic. What I might do in the next few days is move the donation buttons to the FAQ/About page, and then just move them to main page during “drives” to keep this main page a little less cluttered. We’ll see.

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