and the Globe website are back up this morning. The Union Leader has a report on the outage, which also effected its own web page.

Late inning Sox comebacks are becoming as dependable as death, taxes, John Burkett tiring in the sixth inning and Dan Shaughnessy columns about Carl Everett. Some things you can just depend on. Fairly tame from the CHB. (He even acknowledges that nickname in the article.) He lets Carl’s own words do the talking this time, with just a few insertions from Danny boy here and there. Shaughnessy has a different take on Everett’s comments on race in Boston, He compares the comments to Byron Scott’s, while Michael Silverman says Everett’s comments were just dancing around the race card. Everett got booed loudly each time he came to plate last night, but I had to applaud in tribute to the guy who coined the best media nickname of our generation. I don’t hate you Carl. I appreciated his game, his hustle, his intensity. He’s right that Boston is not the place for him to play. The scrutiny here is too much for him. He couldn’t handle it. Shaughnessy is right about Everett not taking any responsibility for how things turned out here. As for the game itself, Bob Hohler wants to dub them with the clever nickname of the Comeback Kids. The headline of Jeff Horrigan’s article does call them the Comeback Kids. Steven Krasner says these late inning rallies are just becoming commonplace. David Heuschkel notes that despite all the attention given to it, it’s not just the Red Sox bullpen that is getting scored on almost every night in Sox games. Christopher Price wraps up the game stories with his coverage in the Metro. Silverman also reports on the sixth inning woes of last night’s starter John Burkett becoming a pattern. Karen Guregian looks at newly activated Robert Person. She wonders if he will be the Sox savior. Kevin Gray says that Person is eager to prove his worth to the team. Steven Krasner has another look at Person, looking to just come in and help out the team. Since Person has many times been mentioned as a possible candidate to be the closer with this team, Sean McAdam looks at the guy who has been coming into his own in the role, Brandon Lyon, who notched his 5th save of the season last night. Nick Cafardo looks at big plays by the superstar shortstops last night. Mike Shalin has a look at Rafael Palmeiro, having hit the 500th home run of his career, just continues to sail along in his career, without a whole lot of fan fare. Cafardo has a similar look at Palmeiro. In this week’s Hench’s Hardball, he says that Red Sox fans are critical because they’re an educated group. Michael Smith has a section of his 1-1 interview with Tim Wakefield, the full interview will air on the Globe SportsPlus. Horrigan’s notebook reports on Person being missing no longer, Krasner’s notebook says Pedro is a go for his next start on Thursday, and Heuschkel’s notebook also reports on Pedro, Grady Little wouldn’t say if Pedro will be on a pitch count or not. Hohler’s notebook says Person would rather start than finish.

Still plenty of Celtics articles. Peter May gives us a player by player breakdown of the roster, telling us who should stay and who should go. Pretty good job by May, though he also gives us the obligatory shot by the Globe at the new owners. Apparently partner Steve Pagliuca has legally changed his name to “Steve Pagliuca who played freshman basketball at Duke.” Steve Bulpett hands out grades for the Celtics in a season ending report card. He also comes out of the closet as a Kedrick Brown fan. Way to go, Steve. Gerry Callahan in his pay column uses the entire piece to knock the owners for the timing of the Ainge hiring and press conference, which he says should be happening today. Jackie MacMullan makes a compelling case for keeping Antoine here in Boston. She also suggests that the Celtics go after Juwan Howard with the mid-level exemption. Mark Murphy says Walker wants to come back, and wants the guys around him to come back as well. Carolyn Thornton notes that the players, while realizing there will be changes, don’t want a complete overhaul. Jerry Trecker says the Celtics have some very definite needs. Christopher Price looks ahead to the offseason, noting rest for Pierce and Walker should be a priority. Shira Springer looks at the ups and downs of the season. Rich Thompson looks at the busy offseason that JR Bremer has planned. Springer’s notebook looks at the players rallying for Antoine to stay.

Mark Blaudschun and Mike Shalin report on the proposed ACC expansion to include Miami, Syracuse and likely BC, although Virginia Tech is a possibility as well.

Michael Felger has a quick report on the Patriots having free agent linebacker Don Davis in for a visit.

NESN has Rangers/Red Sox at 7:00. FSNE has Revolution/Wizards at 8:00. TNT has Sixers/Pistons at 8:00, ESPN has Wild/Mighty Ducks at 9:00. ESPN2 has Yankees/Angels at 7:00 and Dodgers/Braves at 10:00.