I’ve been hesitant to do this, but I’m going to try to run a weekend “fundraising drive” here. I spent 4 years working for PBS, so I know all about asking for contributions to enable us to continue to bring you the quality programming that you have become used to here at BSMW…

Recent events have sent my world into a spin. Not being able to find a job has left me with mounting debt that is threatening the existence of this page. I’m going to have to move in a couple weeks and there are costs associated with the move that need to be covered to keep the page up and running. The “personal hell” I mentioned a couple days ago is not all about money, however. Just a lot of things at the moment. Someday you’ll read all about it in my autobiography.

If you’re able to do anything, just a couple bucks or more, please consider making a donation using the PayPal button above. You can also use the Amazon form in the right column, but the Paypay is preferable because the funds are available immediately, and can be used like a debit card by me, allowing me to pay almost any bill with it.

Many of you have already donated, and you have my eternal thanks. The funds received thus far have purchased the Tagboard and have upgraded some “back end” stuff that isn’t noticeable on the surface, but helps with the stability of site. Despite the improvements, this page is still very much put together using digital baling wire and duct tape. But there are immediate costs that must be met to insure the continued operations just as the site is, and to allow me to keep devoting the time to putting the material together.

I’m setting a goal of $500.00 for this “drive”. I will post updates as the drive progresses, and if you wish to be recognized by name, I will put your name and the amount of your donation on the page as well.

Thank you for any assistance you’re able to provide,

Bruce Allen