It’s hard to feature the Celtics as the lead sports story of the day when there are just a few short articles covering the game. Steve Bulpett notes that passing and patience were the keys to the win, and the Celtics would very much like to add a fifth win to the trip. Shinra Springer focuses on how the Celtics were able to hold onto their lead despite a furious Warriors comeback. Out west in the Oakland Tribune, Vittorio Tafur says the Warriors shoddy defense was what allowed the Celtics to get the win. Bulpett’s notebook focuses on reserve forward Ruben Wolkowyski, who is headed for Spain. Springer’s notebook is similar and she adds some on Walter McCarty hoping to stay in Boston.

There’s something sickening about Dan Shaughnessy being the one to write an article about Nomar’s uneasy and distrustful relationship with the media. You can see that Shaughnessy takes pride in being a part of “Boston’s vaunted Keyboard Knights.” He does manage get Buckley to admit to getting it wrong on the official scorer story last summer in a column Buckley wrote:

Reached in Boston last night, Buckley said, ''There's a difference between making stuff up and messing up. I messed up, and I told Nomar.''

At least Buck can say he messed up. I don’t think we’d ever read a similar quote from Shaughnessy. But not to be outdone, Steve Buckley does take aim at the Globe this morning and the article on race yesterday. Check out this opening paragraph:

One of the most puzzling newspaper articles ever devoted to the Red Sox rolled off the presses yesterday. Perhaps you read it. It was a wonderfully written crying towel about how the Red Sox might open the season without - oh, the horror - a single African-American player in the starting lineup

Of course, this was talked about all day yesterday on the airwaves, so Buck once again isn’t breaking news here, but the article is well done. Tony Massarotti looks at newcomer Bill Meuller and uses the piece to further knock statistics and analysts in the game of baseball. But I guess Tony is right when he ends the story by telling us you aren’t going to find stats for serious injuries suffered in pursuit of foul balls. (where’s the sarcasm button?) Steven Krasner focuses more on Meuller as a hard nosed, old fashioned player. David Heushckel looks at the collection of “dirtballs” the Red Sox have put together here. Looks like a fun bunch. New lead dirtball Kevin Millar wants the group to grow mullets. Michael Gee wonders why the Sox stars always have to take so much heat around here. Good article by Gee, but he shouldn’t lump all Sox fans in that group…John Tomase writes that consciously or not, deep down all Sox fans don’t really want the Red Sox to win. Interesting premise, but I don’t buy it. Jeff Horrigan writes about Frank Castillo. While Trot Nixon will miss Brian Daubach, writes Massarotti, he now has a new running mate in Millar. Karen Guregian continues her assignment of finding everyone in Florida (Joe Kerrigan, Cliff Floyd, Tom Glavine, today Mo Vaughn) who might say something bad about the Red Sox. Horrigan’s notebook has Willie Banks taking no chances in light of the Bechler tragedy. Chad Finn says Boston fans are going to love Millar, and has a bunch of other baseball notes as well as some basketball and football items. Shaughnessy does the Globe notebook (where are Edes and Hohler today?) on Lou Merloni coming to camp ready for another battle. Krasner has similar thoughts in his notebook.

Bill Madden on the NY Daily News has a column on a friend of Ted Williams getting a peek inside the cryogenics facility that Williams’ body is being kept in. Pretty fascinating story. The story prompted Gerry Callahan to call Cladia Williams “a vile little wench” on WEEI this morning.

Steve Conroy files a story on Bruins rookie defenseman Zdenek Kutlak, who scored his first NHL goal in the Nashville debacle. PJ Stock has some words about what the Bruins are missing these days and Nancy Marrapese-Burrell is there to capture them.

Bill Griffith gives an update on the Mike Adams dismissal. The show was halted once Mike Kellogg read the Jim Baker story and felt it unfair to leave Adams hanging like that. Griffith reports that Michael Andelman, fearing nepotism charges, has turned down the offer of the morning show. He also gets some quotes from Adams, but the reason for the dismissal is still not clear. Reached last night, a one 1510 type labeled Adams’ tenure “disappointing”, another source not inside the station speculated that the show wasn’t being prepared for properly. Arrivals at 5:55 and departures at 9:59 were deemed everyday fare. Bringing in the young guys is another risk, but a cheap one. It should be made clear that drinking or other substance problems do NOT appear to have been an issue here, and someone on the tagboard suggested sexual harassment which is ridiculous and can be dismissed out of hand. Another question might be why did the younger Andelman even speak with Baker for the story yesterday? As another 1510 type said, “It’s pretty low to cut a guy off at the knees like that.”

NESN has Bruins/Hurricanes at 7:00. ESPN has Memphis/Louisville at 7:00 and Maryland/Duke at 9:00. ESPN2 has Islanders/Sharks at 10:30