For the second day in a row, Dale & Neumy had to fend off a caller who claimed that Pedro Martinez won a “soft 20” games last year. They also talked Bruins, Dale really thinks Ftorek will be on the hot seat if they play poorly tonight. They also talked a little Mike Tyson. Dale has seen the tattoo, so he doesn’t need to see the fight. (Which is back on) Eddie talked about the Nomar article by Shaughnessy today…he thinks now media members are just going to try to see what they can do to set Nomar off. He also talked Yao Ming Wing and Sing party, Giant Glass, and Phantom Gourmet and Hot Dog Safari and took shots at Theo Epstein and the Red Sox. He also fielded “sports lies”. Pete continued sitting in the big chair today, and was joined by Steve DeOssie, making his third straight appearance and Larry Johnson.

Sean McAdam writes about the new additions to the Red Sox for Christopher Price gives Antoine Walker some praise.

Red Auerbach’s brother, Zang, died last Thursday. This is the first I’ve heard of it…I wasn’t aware that he had designed the Celtics logo..

Zang Auerbach, an artist and editorial and sports cartoonist who had worked for The Washington Post, the Evening Star and the Washington
Times-Herald, died of heart ailments February 13, 2003, at Holy Cross Hospital, in the metropolitan Washington DC area, at the age of 81.

Mr. Auerbach was the brother of the legendary Boston Celtics basketball coach Arnold "Red" Auerbach. He designed the Celtics' logo and also the logo of the old Washington Senators baseball team.