If you went to 1510thezone.com and looked around, you’d never know the Mike Adams Morning Show existed. All links and pictures related to the show were removed by mid-morning. Adams started the show, but sometime in the 7:00 hour, he was replaced with the Sporting News Radio national morning show. Wouldn’t you have loved to have been a fly in the studio during that time? No word on a new show, when the topic was brought up this afternoon on WWZN by a caller, he was referred to management. Nothing has been announced about the replacements…since Adams is likely still under contract, could they possibly just fill the slot with the national show, as they did before? Won’t be cheap to add new salaries on top of what they’re still going to be paying Adams. In any event, I feel bad for Mike…I’ll say it again…had he gotten the right people around him, the show could’ve worked. I’m still not sure the show was yanked purely because of poor ratings, but that’s pure speculation on my part. Now, how soon before Mike appears on WEEI again? Next week? No mention was made on Eddie’s show of the events of the morning. Instead, talk revolved around the Red Sox, Eddie wants to trade Pedro. WEEI went between Red Sox talk, discussion of Gordon Edes’ morning article and the pathetic Bruins performance. Pete Sheppard filled in for the Big O and was joined by Felger and DeOssie. Red Sox talk, racism and Pedro were the continued topics.

Alan Greenwood feels pretty confident that the Sox and Pedro will work something out. He also looks at the bullpen and gives up 5 things to watch this spring. Mike Fine takes a look across a pretty solid Red Sox roster.