Though on the sidelines, Antoine Walker is still very much a part of the game stories in the papers this morning. Providing his usual trash talk of the opponents and referees, and exhortation of his teammates from the sideline. Perhaps not a wise move to taunt an already peeved and white hot Ray Allen. Steve Bulpett provides a summary of the night that includes the Bucks shooting 53% from the floor along with 50% in three pointers. Hard to talk much trash though when you’re getting jumpers rained down on your head. Shira Springer has more on Walker’s talk and the Bucks walk. Carolyn Thornton just notes that its a case of turnabout is fair play. Lenny Megliola looks at the void left by Walker and the candidates on the team to step and do more, even more than they did last night. Mark Murphy looks at why Ray Allen was on a personal crusade last night. Tommy loved Waltah for three quarters last night, but he faded in the fourth, Frank Dell’Apa looks at McCarty’s night. Peter May notes that the going was rough for Paul Pierce last night, and is likely only going to get worse until Walker returns. Speaking of Walker’s return, Murphy offers an encouraging report, also noting that Antoine plans on participating in the three point shootout All Star weekend and in the game if selected. Thornton’s notebook has more on that topic, as does Springer’s notebook. Bulpett’s notebook has more on Walter stepping up and more on Joe Forte’s curious behavior out in Seattle. Chad Finn has a few NBA thoughts while touching all the bases.

The Super Bowl stories continue to pile up, but as is a tradition during this week, usually they’re more about quantity than quality. A real human interest story though is reported by Michael Felger and Dan Shaughnessy, who write about Buccaneers wide receiver Joe Jurevicius, who is preparing for the biggest game of his life while having the concern about his son, who was born three weeks prematurely and is struggling to stay alive. Jim Donaldson whines that the Super Bowl used to be a matchup of great quarterbacks, something that doesn’t happen anymore, and is evident this year, as he refers to the two in this game as “journeymen” and appears to put down Tom Brady as well. Michael Smith looks at the Raiders group of running backs. George Kimball writes about the the duo of Rice and Brown. Kevin Mannix looks at Keyshawn Johnson, who feels persecuted by the media. Jeff Jacobs looks at the low key Bill Callahan. Nick Cafardo chooses workaholic Tampa defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin as his subject for the day. Michael Smith also looks at the Oakland O-Line, described by tackle Lincoln Kennedy as a dysfunctional family. Kimball also has a piece on Joey Porter. The NFC notebook by Mannix makes another Patriots connection to Tampa. The Globe’s Super Bowl notebook makes more Patriot connections including news that Keenan McCardell was a top Patriots target last offseason. The Herald’s AFC notebook has quotes from Romeo Crennel on being considered for the 49ers job. Alan Greenberg just realized that the Patriots aren’t playing in the Super Bowl.

Steve Buckley has a new disciple in his ministry to retire Tony C’s number: Bill Burt says it’s time for this to happen. Buckley must have worked him over hard during the breaks in their “Big Show” appearance on Monday. I’m waiting for the Super Bowl to be over and Dan Shaughnessy to come home and rip into David Ortiz, officially signed by the Red Sox yesterday. Shaughnessy had very harsh words on the subject of Ortiz a few weeks ago on Sports Final, (and called him a “sack of you know what” on WWZN today) so look for the column next week from Shank. Gordon Edes notes however, that Ortiz was “One of the most popular players in the Twins clubhouse.” David Heuschkel says Oritz may spell the end for Hillenbrand and says Epstein has said the team needs another right handed bat. Steven Krasner also reports on the crowded situation at first. Tony Masarotti says Ortiz will be given the chance to win the everyday first base job. In his look at Ortiz, Alex Speier notes while Ortiz struggled against lefties last year, he has had success against them in past.

Karen Guregian looks at the high minutes logged by Joe Thornton and Glen Murray. Steve Conroy looks at the impression made by rookie Martin Samuelsson. Jim Greenidge looks at another Bruins newcomer, Rich Brennan, who grew up rooting for the Bruins.

TNT has Mavs/Sixers at 7:30 and Warriors/Nets at 10:00. ESPN has Bruins/Penguins at 8:00 FSNE has UNH/BU Hockey at 7:00, and UCLA/Stanford college hoops at 10:30. ESPN2 has college hoops with Wake Forrest/Virginia at 7:00.